100 Days

This is your warning! 

If you're anything like me, this is the point in time where you look at the calendar and freak out. It has snuck up on me again. Only 100 days until Halloween!! So much left to do...

Look for me in the garage from now until the big night. LOTS of new prop projects will be posted as I continue to whip them out. Time to get down to business! Your countdown starts now!!


John Carpenter Live at the Masonic Temple, Detroit 7/15/16

FINALLY! After seeing all the other posts with amazing photos and videos, it was finally my turn to go and see horror icon John Carpenter's much talked-about Live Retrospective show in Detroit. I snuck out of work early and headed up (couldn't play Cleveland, John??). After the three-hour drive, I arrived at the Masonic Temple, completely amped to take in the night's festivities.

The show started with a viewing of the Carpenter classic, Escape From New York on the big screen. The added audience participation throughout the film made for a really fun viewing. Especially when an entire audience "hisses" when Snake Plissken enters during the fighting ring scene and then goes crazy cheering when Kurt Russell, Tom Atkins, Donald Pleasence, Lee Van Cleef, Adrienne Barbeau, Ernest Borgnine, Isaac Hayes and Harry Dean Stanton all appeared. It was hilarious. "You are the Duke. A-number one!"

After the film, John and the band took the stage and and proceeded to play a mix of original music from the Lost Themes and Lost Themes II releases as well as the rich catalog of Carpenter horror scores that made him famous. Each of his classic horror scores were accompanied by clips of the respective films projected onto the screen behind them and made for a rich viewing experience. I actually found myself repeatedly ignoring the band performing and just watched the classic scenes from each film with a wide smile on my face. Hopefully, a testament to Carpenter's iconic visual horror mastery and marriage of image and sound

Instantly recognizable tracks were played from Assault on Precinct 13, Big Trouble in Little China, Christine, Escape From New York, The Fog, Halloween, In The Mouth of Madness, The Prince of Darkness, and crowd-favorite They Live. And every track was played to perfection. It was absolutely incredible...

And I was even able to make a little movie of one of his classics (holding a phone steady for four minutes was not easy)!!

While at the show, I was also able to score some great swag, too. All part of the VIP ticket package, I got a really cool Carpenter Live shirt and an insanely awesome They Live poster, signed by John Carpenter himself! And it all came in a nice silk-screened tote...

I also picked up the new Assault on Precinct 13/The Fog and Halloween/Escape From New York 12" singles from Sacred Bones Records (both are still available on their site). And both have been spinning nonstop on my turntable since I got home this morning at 3am. Yeesh...

Without a doubt, this was an incredibly cool show. I have only heard positive reviews from other shows and the Detroit show was no different. There are a few stops left on the tour, so if you have the chance, GO SEE IT. You won't regret it!!

Hola Ghost - "Chupacabra"

Big thanks to Johnny Thunder and Chris Baker over at Hauntcast for turning me onto this one! Hola Ghost rip out some amazing "Psychotic Flamencore" (take a listen and you'll know what that means) all the way from Denmark!

And have you listened to the latest episode of Hauntcast yet? Another hilarious episode featuring the music of Hola Ghost and a great interview with the gang over at Davis Graveyard. Listen now!!

Atrium Carceri - "Eraser"

A little dark, atmospheric audio for the long weekend...

Rob Zombie's Spookshow International Pinball Machine

I just came across this incredibly cool pinball machine from SpookyPinball, featuring horror master Rob Zombie. First announced back in December of 2015 and limited to just 300 units, these babies are unfortunately long gone (and expensive!), but I'm going on the quest to hunt one down to get some serious game time on this phenomenal looking machine. Featuring gorgeous artwork from Alex Horley, 10 classic Zombie songs and actual audio clips from Rob Zombie, Sheri Moon Zombie AND Sid Haig! And it even comes with an "adult" mode, complete with naughty words!!


Thank You, Haunted Wastelands!

A very belated, but still huge thank you goes out to Jason Oliver at The Haunted Wastelands for this awesome haunt shirt. I won it on an episode of Haunters Hangout a few weeks back and it arrived here at the Cemetery a couple of weeks ago. Of course I was busy getting ready for this little thing in Columbus and this weekend we were busy getting amped for this little Cleveland thing...

But I had a few minutes to FINALLY give this a proper photo!!

Thanks again, Jason! If anyone is interested, this shirt is still available over at Haunt Shirts!