Trick 'r Treat: Days of the Dead

From Amazon:

From the twisted imagination of Trick ‘r Treat creator Michael Dougherty (director of the upcoming Krampus and Trick ‘r Treat 2 and screenwriter of X-Men 2 and Superman Returns) alongside a top-notch team of creators including writers Todd Casey and Zach Shields (Krampus), Marc Andreyko (Batwoman) and artists Fiona Staples (Saga), Stephen Byrne (Buffy/Angel), Stuart Sayger (Bram Stoker’s Death Ship) and Zid (Son of Merlin) comes this 4-part collection that paves the way for the Trick ‘r Treat film sequel.

Days of the Dead takes readers on a journey through Halloween history with 4 chilling new Trick ‘r Treat tales. Discover old-world lovers whose romance takes a chilling turn and Western pioneers who discover the dark side of the frontier. Travel to 1950s Los Angeles for a tale of pure horror noir and into the heart of small-town America to see some pranksters taught a lesson they'll never forget.

Across centuries of Halloween horror, wherever fear lies, Sam will be waiting…

Trick 'r Treat: Days of the Dead is available today!

Sam Adams - Pumpkin Batch

You can't have an October countdown without the seasonal pumpkin beers, and you can't have the seasonal pumpkin beers without the official Highbury Cemetery Drunken Jackos rating scale. A highly scientific review system that I put all season pumpkin beers through, presenting the rankings and results with the rest of the Halloween community.

To start the season off, we have Sam Adams Pumpkin Batch.

Upon opening this seasonal saison beer, I was hit with a pungent, earthy note. A strong initial scent versus any of the other pumpkin ales that I've tried this year. The beer itself pours a nice, light copper color and holds a creamy head. At first taste, this beer has a malty, dry, spicy flavor, but finishes with a secondary flavor that reminded me of hop (true to the saison style of brewing).

Because of the saison-flavored uniqueness of this beer versus the standard selection of pumpkin ales you'll find in the stores, Sam Adams Pumpkin Batch gets 3 out of 5 Drunken Jackos. 

I highly recommend this beer as a change of pace from the rest of the pumpkin beer aisle. Not too heavy and a nice, spicy flavor. Definitely pick up a six if you come across it!


Union Cemetery - Steubenville, Ohio (Day 1)

Time to kick off another season of Cemetery Sundays, in which I roam the grounds of local Northeastern Ohio (and sometimes beyond) cemeteries, camera in hand, to document the beautiful and ornate tombstones and mausoleums contained in each.

Please visit this page to see photos from all my previous travels.

Back in July, I was in Steubenville, Ohio with a few hours to spare and decided to grab my camera and go wander the expansive grounds of Union Cemetery. 

(Now truth be told, I was at this cemetery some 14 years prior. The grounds served as a beautiful backdrop to my and Mrs. Highbury's wedding photos! Yes, we along with our entire wedding party drove through the grounds and had photos taken throughout. Amazing photos if I do say so myself! But I digress...)

On a cloudy and hazy afternoon, I parked inside the gate, grabbed my camera and started snapping. There is an abundance of incredibly detailed and ornate old tombstones in this cemetery, so it was slow going. I stopped at almost every tombstone to snap a pic. After 2 hours of meandering, the skies opened up and forced me to call it a day, barely just half way through the cemetery. I would have to return the following day to document the rest, which turned out to be an even greater treasure. Here are the photos from day one, complete with a little cemetery ghost story for the Halloween season!!

This cemetery contains a large plot of local Union soldiers (hence the name) buried here, each of which had small American flag markers placed at their graves during the 4th of July holiday.

It was an odd juxtaposition of old, desolate tombstones right next to the modern stadium of the now-infamous Steubenville Big Red football team (which can be seen in the distance).

The faded lamb on the top of this stone is representative of a child's grave.

I've never seen a tombstone as interesting as this. A unique handshake between a mother and a father at this family plot.

And now we get to Union Cemetery's ghost story. Upon researching this cemetery, I came upon this video that tells the story of the "Fighting McCooks," a family of Union soldiers buried in Union Cemetery. Reports state that at dawn, the ghost of one of the McCooks have been seen chasing the ghost of a Confederate soldier through an old hollow. I found the McCook Trail, an immediately went down to investigate...

And while I didn't see any ghosts, I did come upon a family of deer. Either way, an interesting little story to add to the legend and lore of the grounds.

Be sure to stop back next Sunday to see the photos from my second day at this cemetery. More incredible tombstones, a grouping of stunning mausoleums and a famous statue created to the memory of a dog...


Goblin - "Profondo Rosso"

An incredible film. An incredible score. Goblin's soundtrack to Dario Argento's 1975 film, Profondo Rosso (Deep Red).

Witches Haunt "Haunted House" Cassette

Fridays in October mean only one thing... It's the return of Freebie Fridays, where I share digital rips from my collection of vintage Halloween vinyl records and cassettes!

First up is an old Halloween cassette from the 1990s. While I have no release info for the Witches Haunt "Haunted House" cassette, I was initially sold on its wonderful art! A poorly adhered label of a spooky skeletal reaper and the words, "Haunted House" immediately piqued my interest. Furthermore, how can you go wrong with the following paragraph:

The piercing scream echoed through the dark deserted halls of the old mansion. It broke the stillness of the cool October night...

Perfect! And after giving it a listen, I was very surprised and really impressed. Side A is a narrated story of a man's exploratory journey through an old, creepy mansion. A truly suspense-filled story!

Side B is more of a standard haunt soundtrack, but some of the sounds are quite demonic and really frightening. Definitely a step above the usual collection of "haunted house sounds."

This cassette is an absolute gem, as I feel that it is geared to an older, more mature audience. While this was one of many novelty cassette tapes that filled the shelves during the Halloween season, this one is far superior due to its quality and darkness. Definitely a great way to start off the Halloween season! Enjoy!!

Download the Witches Haunt "Haunted House" cassette tape here.


Highbury Cemetery Logo, 2015

October 1st. It's finally here! Time for another Countdown To Halloween!

I'd like to welcome any first-time visitors, and welcome back all the usuals! It's time to get this annual party started! October. Another 31 posts in 31 days. A huge celebration leading up to the grand high holiday of Halloween!

As in previous years, I always like to get October started by revealing this year's haunt logo. A little creativity to really get the juices flowing, and this year's logo is my best yet! I've been sitting patiently for over a week, waiting for the grand reveal. This year, I hope to use this on t-shirts, posters, stickers and who knows what else.

Ladies and gentlemonsters, boils and ghouls, I present the 2015 edition of the Highbury Cemetery yard haunt logo...

I'm really happy with the way this one turned out! Spooky and fun! And jeez, has it really been twelve years!?

And one quick update for today. I had surgery on my broken finger on Tuesday. A little bit more than I thought was going to happen, as I ended up getting three pins put into it. Ouch. So I'm now sitting here typing with one hand and the other hand has a huge splint and a mummy's worth of gauze wrapped around it. This will definitely hamper my productivity for the month, but I'll be sure to enlist the help of as many people as I can for set up on the big night. 

All in all, it was a quick surgery and I'm feeling pretty good (thanks in part to a bottle of Vicodin!), but I'm going to end this one here for now so that I can get back to the couch and a Netflix queue full of horror movies.

Please be sure to stop back tomorrow, as I'll be celebrating the first Freebie Friday of the month with some sweet, free vintage haunt sounds! Happy October, everyone!!