Highbury Cemetery 2009 - Part 2

After an hour of makeup application, the sun went down, the lights went up, the fog began to roll and the children hurried towards us in frenetic packs...


A BIG thank you must go out to Jenn, Jeff, Sharon and Karen for their help in making Highbury Cemetery what it is. Without your help and support, I would be just a guy sitting on my stoop passing out candy with one jack-o-lantern at my feet. (And Jenn, I promise to get a picture of you next year. The butcher shop wouldn't be the same without you!)

Thank you to everybody who stopped by to have a beer with us, talk with us or just to come check out what all the screams were about.

And thank you to all of the children of the neighborhood (and to those that were shuttled in), for allowing me the opportunity to chase you all the way down the street...


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