Countdown To Halloween 2012 - We're In!

Our time may be limited this year, but we've decided to once again participate in the annual Countdown To Halloween. 31 posts in 31 days, all about our favorite season of the year!! Their new participation badges are up and they look great! We had to go with the head of Karloff from Black Sabbath. Soooo good!

Be sure to stop by daily throughout the month of October as we share memories, photos, music, art and home haunter how-to's to ring in the season right. And it looks like we'll be doing October "Freebie Fridays" again, so why not get some free goodies while you're at it!?

Check out the Countdown To Halloween site to explore all of the crazy Halloween bloggers that participate in this annual brouhaha. It gets larger every year with tons and tons of really great sites to keep you busy until the big night!

Ugh! Only 56 more days until Halloween. Time to change a poopy diaper, and then it's off to start working on the list of 2012 props. It's going to be a real challenge for the yard haunt this year, but I accept the challenge to see how much I can pull off. Wish me luck!!



wicKED said...

I'M IN TOO! Time is getting tight here too! Hope I get a third of my project plans finished! Good luck buddy!

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