Highbury Cemetery: The Next Generation

Okay group, it's been a few weeks, but we're back with some great news! 

Our haunt family is growing again. On March 5th, Highbury Cemetery co-pilot Scrapes welcomed his new son, Little Holden Scrapes, to the world, completing the next generation for our home haunt. Both the Highbury and Scrapes families are so excited for him to one day carry on the spirit of Halloween!

Welcome, Little Holden Scrapes!!

Little Christian Highbury watches over his new cousin, Little Holden Scrapes



wicKED said...

Congrats on the future haunters! I can only imagine how much fun Halloween will be with two little minions to do your bidding! Seriously though, really glad for you all!

Lisa said...

Congrats! They're both so adorable!

Hmm, I see a little Chucky & a zombie baby this year!

Scrapes said...

Thank you both!

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