Boris Karloff "Son of Frankenstein" Color Test

Boris Karloff shows off his humorous side in a color test reel for the 1939 film, Son of Frankenstein.


Anonymous said...

Love this little "home movie." Not only do we get to see the monster in living color! But the playful side of Mr. Karloff. The true gentle giant. Thanks for posting this on your site. I like to stop by every once-in-awhile to check up on what's new. So keep it up my friend. ~Jack (from Akron)

highbury said...

Hey Jack, great to hear from you! Keep an ear out because the home haunt group will be getting together soon to start the 2014 make & take season. I'll post details here on the blog as soon as it's available.

And I forgot to mention this, but the other gentleman in the video (the one who gets bopped in the nose by Karloff) is, I believe, Jack Pierce, the makeup artist responsible for creating Frankenstein's monster. Cool!

Anonymous said...

It sure is Mr. Pierce! I've seen this clip before, and I love it, because it really gives us a feel what it might have been like behind-the-scenes.

Yes, please keep me updated on any goings on with a Make-n-Take. You can always hit me up at: too. I'll give you my cell number then and maybe we can get together and swap ideas. I really want to try and do something a bit more adventurous this year. Got this idea to do a "Classic Monsters" yard display. Love to talk with you about it. Bounce some ideas.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I just found out something interesting about this clip, that I did not know before. It seems this was shot just after November 23, 1938. If you watch to the moments just after Boris grabs Jack and then punches him in the nose, you can see read Boris's lips as he says that "I'm a papa!, I'm a papa!" His little girl Sara Karloff was born.

I jus think this is so cool.

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