Midwest Haunters Convention, 2014: Part Three

So after an awesome Friday bus tour followed by a great Saturday trade show and pizza party, we were now ready to top it all off with the marquee event of the weekend, the Saturday Night Masquerade Party...

We got back to our hotel room with a couple of hours to get ready. Full makeup and costuming applied in record time and we were ready to hit it. But not before a quick MHC selfie:

We quickly made our way to the ballroom with camera in hand...

Our fellow Northern Ohio Home Haunters: Stacey, Sabrena and Vince.
The family that slays together, stays together!

"Allen Hopps" and the Haunters Hangout crew. Allen, is the heat gun hot?

After a quick tour of the lobby, it was time for the Body Art Fashion Show.


We ended up skipping the "Miss Scary Midwest" and "Scariest Costume" contests in order to get some fresh air and fresh drinks, but we came back to snap a few more photos.

A fellow reveler with an eye for fine follicle detail. I commend you, sir!

After taking this photo, I found out later that this was actually Hector Turner, creator of the Halloween Haunt Calendar. Glad you could make it down from Canada, Hector!

Hauntcast's resident g-host, Chris Baker, is rounding third and heading for home. I'm glad I didn't meet up with him in a subway bathroom stall (that's a Warriors reference for all of you young folks out there). RIP, Hauntcast!

At the end of the night, the feet were hurtin' and the 'stache was saggin' so it was almost time to call it a night...


...although Jim was still having a great time, as evidenced by the large grin.

And yes, as we made our way past the hotel bar, the usual suspects were there, ready to continue the party on until the wee hours.

A big thanks to ActionJax for the following photos. I was so busy shooting everybody else, I forgot to get a couple pictures of Jimmy T and myself. D'oh... 

I'm still waiting the photos that were taken by Lost or Forgotten Photography. When they are finally uploaded, I'll be sure to post a link so that we can see all of the insane costumes at this year's party.

Photos by ActionJax.

At 3am and finally makeup free, I staggered into bed, putting an end to another incredible Midwest Haunters Convention. We woke up Sunday morning, packed our gear and headed home. The entire ride back, we talked about all of the events that we managed to pack into one weekend, and how we couldn't wait to do it again next year.

And now our official countdown can begin, because they have already announced the dates for 2015. I'll be sure to see everyone in Columbus on May 29-31!!



The October boy said...

Thanks for the great series of posts! Too far for me to attend but it is always great to see others photos and experience. Looks like you had a great time!

HalloweeNut said...

Awesome costumes! Glad it was a good time!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. But that's not Allen Hopps with the heat gun.

highbury said...

No, Jack, it's... "Allen Hopps." :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I just got it. He's "dressed" as "Allen Hopps." LOL

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