John Carpenter's Lost Themes

Yes, a lot of people have already posted tracks from director/composer John Carpenter's new release, Lost Themes, but I wanted to wait until I got my vinyl copy before I listened to any of the pre-release tracks and chimed in.

Today, my copy finally showed up in the mail, and suffice to say that it hasn't stopped spinning on my turntable yet.

I was able to score a deluxe version from Sacred Bones, and the packaging did not disappoint. A beautiful orange and black swirl vinyl record housed by the standard gatefold sleeve with liner notes, and then wrapped in a custom, numbered, silk screened outer cardstock sleeve that is sealed with a Sacred Bones wax stamp. From the visual standpoint, well worth the wait!

Upon spinning the record itself, I was really pleased with all of the tracks. Nine moody, synth-driven instrumentals that reference his infamous movie scores, yet progress far enough to really stand on their own. Overall, the release seems like the logical progression of a Carpenter composition.

As an added bonus, the digital download includes a further six remixed versions of Carpenter's tracks, all of which take the original material and spin it in completely different directions. I like the remixes almost as much as Carpenter's originals.

I'm not one for long-winded reviews, so I'm just going to tell you to go out and pick up this release. You won't be disappointed. I know that this will be spinning at the cemetery for a long time to come!


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