The Pumpkin Beers Are Here!

Every year, they seem to appear on the local grocery store shelves earlier. August 6 and the pumpkin beers are already here!

It was 85 degrees today. Way too hot for a fall seasonal pumpkin beer (it's still "summer beer season"), but I opted to open up a New Belgium Pumpkick Ale...

As soon as that first taste of "spicy pumpkin flavor with an added touch of tart cranberry" hit my tongue, my reservations dropped completely. Damn, it was so good! Pumpkin beer season is here!! I'm all in!! 

So it's time to break out the annual Drunken Jackos rating scale, my HIGHLY scientific pumpkin beer review tool. You can read my original Drunken Jackos review on Pumpkick here. It actually ranked as one of the highest ever. Suffice to say that it's already time for me to head back to the grocery store to pick up some new pumpkin beers. I'll be sure to subject them all to the harsh scrutiny of the dreaded Drunken Jackos scale and share the results. Time to drink up, pumpkin fans. Cheers!!



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