Night of the Living Dead at Cinema Wasteland

This past weekend I had the chance to go check out the biannual Cinema Wasteland horror convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The highlight of this show was the 50th anniversary of the George Romero zombie classic, Night of the Living Dead. I scored a few odds and ends from the multitude of vendors, but I made sure to add these two particular pieces to my collection. I'm sure they both thought I was some total weirdo, but a huge thanks to Judith O'Dea and Kyra Schon for the personalization!

They're coming to get you, Barbara...

Fifty years later, and they were both going strong! Here's to fifty more, ladies!

The next Cinema Wasteland convention is scheduled for September 29 - October 1. I can't wait to see what they have on tap for the fall show. See everyone there!



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