Limited Edition Posters From Phantom City Creative

Here's a little something I found for anyone who didn't get that perfect holiday gift, or if you're still looking for that special gift for your favorite blogger (I'll take one of each, thank you very much). Limited edition posters from Phantom City Creative, out of Toronto, Canada. Visit their etsy site to order these screen printed masterpieces.

Night Of The Living Dead

Dead Snow

Let The Right One In

Repo The Genetic Opera


Daph said...

I love em all:)

The Frog Queen said...

Those are brilliant. Thanks for sharing.


Erick said...

I have given your blog a "You make me SCREAM!!" blog award --

cynniegurl said...

these are great!

Scrapes said...

I, too, love them all, and I can't wait to watch Dead Snow again!

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