Turn Blue: The Short Life of Ghoulardi

Just a quick update, group. I've been toiling away like a madman in the garage, hammering out Halloween prop projects left and right. I have a card full of progress photos but I'm going to save them all for the Countdown To Halloween, a mere 4 days away! So much to do and so little time! Where has all the time gone!?

I was able to stop for a moment tonight and grab a little bit of dinner in front of the tube (that's "tv" for all the youngsters out there), and was amazed to see that the local PBS station was playing, Turn Blue: The Short Life of Ghoulardi. What luck! I had wanted to see this documentary for a while and had actually forgotten about it until I started scanning the channels and channels of mindless drivel.

Ghoulardi, played by Ernie Anderson, was one of the early Shock Theater horror hosts of the early '60s in Cleveland, Ohio. And while I wasn't born in time to witness the madness firsthand, I have checked out quite a few clips and would have to say that this would have been right up my alley. Stay Sick!


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