"Pumpkin Witch" Ornament By GrimQuiet

I promise that I wasn't looking ahead to that OTHER holiday when I came across this one! But when I happened upon GrimQuiet's "Pumpkin Witch" ornament on his Instagram page, I decided I had to have it. If for nothing else, than to ease the transition from Halloween into that OTHER holiday...

Such a creepy cool little figure of a skull-faced witch perched upon a decaying jack-o-lantern, complete with her little golden bell. And the deal was sweetened by an accompanying sketch done by the artist, Eric Millen! Nice!

This one might not make it onto the family tree this year, but it will definitely be taking a permanent place in my little Halloween collection.

The first batch of ornaments sold out quick, but if you're interested another batch is coming next week on the GrimQuiet Etsy page! Merry Halloween!!


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