The Crimson Ghost - Episode 11: Double Murder

Somehow, Duncan escapes again. Yes, again. He wakes up in the Crimson Ghost's laboratory, surrounded by flames and smoke. He leaps out of the way of a giant explosion and then inexplicably meanders out of the lab (But how? They never show us. I guess even the director is bored with Duncan continually escaping at the last second. Two more episodes to go and they're already phoning it in...). Back at the lab, Duncan informs the professors that he has brought back pieces from the Crimson Ghost's secret hideout, and that he's going to get fingerprints off of the equipment to reveal the Crimson Ghost's identity. But alas, it's just another trick! Duncan suspects one of the professors being aligned with the Crimson Ghost and hopes to catch the guilty party at the warehouse. On the way there, Duncan and Diana are ambushed by Ash and his funky shotgun. Gun play erupts between Duncan and Ash, but after he empties his chamber, Ash makes another escape. And unfortunately, Duncan's car is stuck in the mud. But luckily, they can simply walk the half-mile to the warehouse. And when they finally arrive, they catch Professor Van Wyck trying to steal the truck loaded with the Crimson Ghost's equipment. Busted! As Duncan is confronting Van Wyck, the real Crimson Ghost arrives, gun in hand. And as Van Wyck tries to pull his piece, Ash lets him have it with a slug of his own. Gun fire again breaks out in the warehouse, and it it there that the unthinkable happens. Duncan shoots Ash. And it is at this moment that I officially hate Duncan's guts. But the show must go on, and Duncan and the Crimson Ghost keep firing at each other. Diana and the wounded Professor Van Wyck climb into the delivery truck and try to make their escape. The Crimson Ghost then fires a shot into the windshield, causing the truck to go out of control. It crashes through the back wall of the warehouse and plunges into the sea!

Are Diana and Professor Van Wyck fish food? And is it true that Ash is dead? Find out in the penultimate episode: Double Murder.

(Thanks as always to jjsleighride for posting the episodes!)


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