The Crimson Ghost - Episode 9: Blazing Fury

He's done it again! Duncan escapes death again! Just when we think he has fallen into a generator and exploded into a flash of light, he merely uses his powerful abs to roll off the side. And, he quickly grabs a gun to capture Ash. Hearing this, the Crimson Ghost orders Diana to remove her collar. Duncan sees this and Ash quickly gives a smooth kung-fu chop, knocking the gun from Duncan's hand, allowing Ash to make his escape. Duncan prevents Diana from removing the collar by knocking her out with a bottle of what could only possibly be Chloratine. Duncan gets Diana to the hospital to administer a powerful counteractive drug, then on to his lab to perform a procedure to remove the collar, along with the help of Dr. Gage. But little does Duncan know that it isn't Dr. Gage at all. It's Ash in a smooth disguise! Luckily, Duncan tells Dr. Gage that the power must be maintained at all times for the magnetic device to work on Diana's collar, and not-so-luckily, it happens to be plugged into an outlet right behind Ash. The procedure begins and the magnetic device is working. But Ash pulls back and kicks the plug out of the socket. KA-BLAMO!

It looks like Diana is done for! Let's find out in episode 9: Blazing Fury.

(And thanks as always to jjsleighride for posting the videos!)

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