The Crimson Ghost - Episode 7: Electrocution

Damn, Duncan sure is a bad driver. But while he can't drive a car very well, he sure can jump out of them seconds before they explode into giant fireballs. Somehow he escapes again, leaping from his car seconds before it plows into the plane containing the heavy water and goes KA-BLAMO! Fortunately, while the heavy water is lost in the explosion, the Crimson Ghost decides to make his own heavy water, starting with some refined uranium that he plans on stealing. And he knows just where to get it. From the delivery truck going across Owl Creek Bridge, on its way to the nuclear facility. And wouldn't you know that it's so close to the Crimson Ghost's hideout! While Ash and his goons are taking the explosive to Owl Creek Bridge, they notice Diana, flying a recon mission in her plane. They quickly grab the Cyclotrode and zap her out of the sky. She parachutes to safety, but right into Ash and his boys. Duncan steps up and drives his sweet Woodie to rescue her. Fight! Luckily, Diana is there to bail him out again and one of Ash's goons falls off of the cliff. Duncan then goes after Ash and tells Diana to warn the delivery truck of the bridge trap. But Duncan messes it up again during his fight with Ash, allowing him to use the Cyclotrode to detonate the bomb. But Diana is driving across the bridge to warn the delivery truck, and KA-BLAMO! The bridge explodes!

Has Diana made the ultimate sacrifice for that loser Duncan? Find out in episode 7: Electrocution.

(And yes, thanks as always to jjsleighride for posting the episodes!)


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