Glendale Cemetery - Akron, Ohio (Part 2)

Alas group, for we have reached the final installment of this year's Cemetery Sundays. Today, we are going to finish up our photo tour through Glendale Cemetery in Akron, Ohio. If you missed the first part, you can still check it out here.

At this point, we're only half way through this enormous cemetery. We re the tour as we climb through a hole in a fence where we come upon a treasure trove of old, German graves as well as finishing off on the row of creepy family mausoleums...

This one was made of wood...

A double-family marker with an interesting arch.

A cross tombstone made of iron.

Here are the shots from the final leg through the cemetery, a long row of family mausoleums.

This mausoleum was built into the side of the hill.

As was this one, right next to it.

With a closeup of the intricate door sculpture.

And this completes the tour. Hopefully I was able to provide some inspiration for your haunts with these photo tours. I know it has provided me with a wealth of new reference material to make our cemetery better. Feel free to take any of my photos for your own reference library, too.

Also, a big congrats to Daph, who made mincemeat out of yesterday's contest question and has won her very own 2011 Highbury Cemetery t-shirt! Go Haddonfield Huskers!! You have to be quick to win the goods here!

And finally, our hearts go out to all of the east coast haunters that had to deal with the snowstorm that wreaked havoc on their displays this weekend. All the months of planning and this happens. Ugh...

Current weather forecast for Halloween night:
52 degrees with a 50% chance of showers

Looks like we'll be haunting in the rain tomorrow. Be sure to stop by for an early morning teaser from the Cemetery. And if you're close, why not stop by? Our trick-or-treat is Halloween night, from 6 to 8. And I'm looking at you, dear Akron Beacon Journal photographers...


HalloweeNut said...

Happy Halloween to you all! There may be snow here in Pittsburgh, but it can't keep me down! I went to Terror Syndicate last night, and I'm going to a local home haunt - right down the street! So cool! May the Great Pumpkin Smile upon as all!

Lisa said...

Happy Halloween to you! Hope you stay warm & dry!

The Frog Queen said...

Thanks for the great tour. Those are some very inspiring photos!!


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