Saint Vincent Cemetery - Akron, Ohio

Time for another edition of Cemetery Sundays! This week, I got up early and took my camera to Saint Vincent Cemetery in Akron, Ohio. I got some really great shots as the sun began to rise, creating great highlights and shadows. And to my surprise, as I was shooting I turned around to find someone else in the cemetery, taking pictures with his camera. Must be the popular thing to do this time of year!

Saint Vincent Cemetery
Akron, Ohio

My favorite stone in this cemetery. Such great weathering coupled with beautiful typography and decay... 

The headstone remnants of John Murphy, soldier in the Civil War.

Toppled tombstones now embedded into the ground.

One of the most interesting grave markers I have ever seen. It looks like a brain.

Soon to be overtaken and forgotten.

This cross must have been 8 feet tall.


wicKED said...

Great pictures! That cemetery had some of the most unique looking stones I have ever seen. Great find.

Lisa said...

Very nice! I enjoy looking at cool stones!

Anonymous said...

My grand parents Lester and Elizabeth Semonin are buried here also my grand mothers parents the Mahans and the Hallinans Great grand ma Mary Mahans parents

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