Yard Haunt Soundtrack

Sound is a very important piece in your yard haunt. It is an integral part of setting the right tone. In our early years, we simply played an off-the-shelf "scary haunted house sounds" cassette tape, but as we have progressed, we have found much better options to take the creep factor to the next level.

I just created a playlist on our youtube channel for the soundtrack we use in the cemetery every Halloween night. I know there are a few of you who find ambient tracks to work best in your haunt and we couldn't agree more. All tracks are from Aphex Twin's 1994 release, Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2. I found this CD in my wife's collection 6 years ago and we've been using the selected tracks ever since.

Click here to listen to an ambient yard haunt masterpiece by Aphex Twin. Enjoy! Only 20 days to go!!



wicKED said...

Those are some freaky tracks, especially the first one. That one would go great in my graveyard. Thanks for the post!

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