So at this time every year, I (im)patiently wait for the annual sign to appear at the head of our neighborhood, not unlike the Great Pumpkin rising from the pumpkin patch, to signal the date and time that all the children can go forth in costume to get their Halloween candy. And every year I wonder why the sign hasn't been posted yet, with a mere two weeks until Halloween. 

Well, I can worry no more, as the sign has finally appeared, letting children and haunters alike know that, yes, just like every year, Trick or Treat will again be on October 31st, from 6 to 8 pm (as it should be, but I'll save that rant for another post). Of course the children will be out from 5 to 9, and that is just perfect by me!

Although this year, there has been a slight change. Usually, a familiar large wooden sign shaped like a jack-o-lantern with its faded lettering is posted at the head of the neighborhood. This year, I was greeted uncaringly with this:

Orange cardboard with a black tar lettering and glitter? What happened to the large jack-o-lantern that announced boldly that Halloween is near!?! This looks more like a sign thrown together for a weekend garage sale. Has the ritual of Halloween been reduced to a garage sale afterthought?? What makes matters worse is its scale. Here is what you see when you drive into our neighborhood:

Lost among the mums and neighbors blowing leaves.

Now I know I may be going a little overboard in my criticism, but it seems like this could have been done much, much better. And this is where I make my plea. If, by some small chance of coincidence that you read this post and are the individual who created this sign or know the person who did, please forward this message on. First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to create this sign. I sincerely applaud you for your efforts. But, as a professional graphic designer AND lover of Halloween, I would like to create a new sign for next year. I will donate all materials and time to create a sign that will once again boldly proclaim that the magical season is again upon us and stir up excitement in all who pass by. Please come see me on Halloween night, as I'd love to discuss my ideas. You'll know which house is mine. Just follow the screams...

So we now know that our Trick or Treat is Sunday, October 31st, which means it's time to again check the weather report.
8 days until Halloween: 53 degrees and sunny with 0% chance of rain.


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