Scrapes, Halloween 2000

For 2 years I worked as a laborer at a playground construction company. Hard work, cheap pay, and a 'rain or shine' atmosphere. Luckily the company provided me rain gear, which helped me withstand the cold and rain of northeast Ohio. This rain gear was the starting point for this look, which I call Seasick Fisherman, or Seaside Zombie.

Still in Kent, the roomie and I threw another party, with similar results. "Dude, sweet!" says some guy dressed as a mammogram machine as he enters my apartment. "You got a keg?"

Backstory: Kent State University and Kent's downtown were famously chaotic every Halloween, and any given year provided at least 8 dudes dressed as mammogram machines. (however on the bright side, you also would find 5 dudes dressed as Devo!)

"Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD" best describes the beard I grew that year, but it doesn't detract from the look. I made one simple gash on my cheek with liquid latex and toilet paper, and applied fake blood with a Q-tip. The blood was also splashed onto the rain gear, leaving it not suitable for the jobsite from that day forward. Shucks.

Not pictured is the brown fisherman's net slung over my shoulder, and matching yellow rain boots. The brown wool cap, which probably came from my grandpa's closet, looked and smelled authentic.

11 days until Halloween, amazing. I hope these images help inspire you to get creative with your costumes.


highbury said...

I love your fish sticks!!

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