The J. Geils Band - Fright Night

Somehow, we have reached the third Thursday of October which means it's time for another Throwback Thursday, where we visit the classic tracks from classic and not-so-classic 80s horror.

This time, we visit Charley Brewster, Peter Vincent, Evil Ed and Jerry Dandrige in the 1985 mega-classic, Fright Night!

The theme song was performed by previous classic blues rock band,  The J. Geils Band, who in this track, ditch their famous lead singer Peter Wolf and take a right turn into 80s New Wave Synth Pop territory. 

Soon after this track was recorded, the band called it quits. I guess after you perform the theme song to a movie starring Stephen Geoffreys (Evil Ed, who shortly after this movie started acting in gay porn under the name Sam Ritter), I guess there's really no place left to go.

"You're so cool, Brewster!"

From 1985, it's the J. Geils Band with the theme song to Fright Night:


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