The Corpsed Skull

So after two painfully long weeks of not being able to work on any Halloween props, I was finally able to get out to the garage tonight and resume my mad scramble towards the big night. First on the list was to finish up a quick corpsing project that I started a few weeks ago.

I ended up grabbing a two-pack of skulls from Home Depot on a supply run a while back, and finally had the chance to finish it up tonight. Nothing too crazy, but it felt great to get it done.

I started with the tried-and-true "plastic drop cloth and a heat gun" corpsing technique from Stiltbeast Studios and finished it off with the "apply-stain-and-wipe" paint effect. I intentionally left more exposed bone on this particular skull for an advanced decomposition look. The only thing to do after it dried was to set it up and get a few photos...

Here's a comparison of the stock skull on the left and my "corpsified" version on the right. This was a quick and easy project that was completed in two nights and looks great with minimal effort. On the first night, I drilled a screw into the jaw (to keep the mouth open) and melted the plastic drop cloth over the entire skull with the heat gun. On the second night, I applied the stain. And that was it. Done. Another corpsed skull ready for my display on Halloween night. And more importantly, the first project out of the way on my condensed list for the haunt season. Time to get cranking on the rest!



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