A Quick Update

No real post today because I'm spending the day in the garage, working like mad to get the last of my new props finished in time for Thursday. Instead, I'm just going to go through a couple of things happening...

First, good luck to all of my fellow home haunters whose Trick-or-Treat takes place tonight. Scare lots of kids and have lots fun doing it!

Next, the Highbury Cemetery 2013 T-Shirt Night of the Living Contest is still going on! Nobody has submitted the answers to the three questions yet. Wanna win a FREE shirt? Why not check it out and give it a go!!

Also, if you find yourself with some free time today, why not check out Outside The Cinema's Annual Halloween Throwdown. They'll be broadcasting horror movies all day, building up to the night's big feature, Heavy Metal Massacre (a movie widely panned as one of the worst ever made)! It's a great podcast and the Throwdown promises to be a great time! Horror movies ALL DAY LONG. Tune in at tv.outsidethecinema.com.

And finally, I came across a great, free comp from Graveyard Calling Records out of the UK. A Haunted Journey is a comp featuring 14 tracks of ambient electronic music that sets a wonderfully creepy atmosphere for the Halloween season. Visit the label's Bandcamp page for more cool electronic tracks and comps!

We'll be back tomorrow with our final installment of Cemetery Sundays for 2013. We'll be touring a small, local cemetery that I had to jump a locked gate to get into...



Graveyard Calling said...

Thanks for checking out the comp! Glad you like it!

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