Mount Hope Cemetery - Akron, Ohio

Broken down old gates lead me into this cemetery with no visible clue to its identity. The only way I know where I am is due to an article written by Bob Dyer a month prior in the Akron Beacon Journal.

This eye-opening article talked about Mount Hope Cemetery's sad descent into disrepair by delinquent ownership. The grass and weeds had gotten so bad, the city had to step in this summer and clean up the property.

And while I recently toured the cemetery, there were still piles of branches and other debris scattered around, but the grounds appeared to be under a somewhat routine schedule of upkeep.

My only hope is that the proper measures are installed to preserve the heritage and legacy of the more than 10,000 that are laid to rest there.


Some of the older stones' epitaphs here appeared to be written in Greek, while many others were some sort of Eastern European.



Wings1295 said...

Great stuff. That arched tombstone bridge thing is incredible!

Lisa said...

It's so sad when cemeteries are neglected. Kudos for someone going in to clean it up! Some beautiful stones in there!

Robin henterly said...

My GGGrandmother and GGGrandfather are buried there.

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