Midnight Syndicate Live! Kickstarter

Midnight Syndicate playing live for the first time on stage, mixing elements of music, film and theatre (and show personnel including Robert Kurtzman, Gary Jones, David "House" Greathouse and Beki Ingram, among others). And this show will be taking place right here in Cleveland? YES PLEASE!!! COUNT ME IN!!

From the Midnight Syndicate Live! Kickstarter page:

A one-of-a-kind Halloween, classic horror-themed concert experience blending film, theatre, and live music by Midnight Syndicate.

Midnight Syndicate Live! is a unique horror-themed multimedia concert experience that blends live music, original films, music videos, and theatre. As it is for many of you, Halloween is 365 days a year here. We want to make Halloween history with an event that celebrates the holiday and the horror cinema at the core of what we do.

We have the best fans in the world and your support is what has allowed us to keep producing music for all these years. This is the next stage in Midnight Syndicate history as we adapt to an ever-changing music industry. This live concert is not only exciting, but also an important step for Midnight Syndicate going forward. By supporting this Kickstarter campaign you are not only helping to create an awesome Halloween horror multimedia concert experience but also helping Midnight Syndicate grow and continue to release more great music!


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