The Countdown Begins, 2013

Dusk advances on a fading twilight while a chill permeates crisp evening breezes. Falling, brittle leaves gather lifeless at the rooted bases of their cores' metamorphoses. Absent is the comforting sunlight of a warm summer's afternoon. The cold, withered tendrils of Autumn's touch begin their embrace to commence this transition...

This is October. This is the Countdown to Halloween.

Welcome to Highbury Cemetery's Countdown to Halloween, 2013. A month-long, daily celebration of all things Halloween, with posts galore spilling from the cemetery gates of our little home haunt. We'll have posts about props, project how-tos, music, art and everything else imaginable to honor the high holiday of All Hallow's Eve.

To kick off October properly, we're unveiling our new logo (celebrating the 10th year of our home haunt!). Something we create each year to be used on posters, t-shirts and whatever else we can think of to slap it on. Something to set the tone for the haunting season.

We present the new logo for Highbury Cemetery, 2013:



Lisa said...

That is an awesome new emblem!

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