"Night In A Graveyard" Soundtrack

Spend a night in this graveyard IF YOU DARE!

Recorded LIVE on the estate of COUNT DRACULA! 

Bring the Murky, Creepy, Slimmy (sic) Atmosphere of a Monster Infested GRAVEYARD into Your Home...

Next up for our Freebie Fridays giveaway is the Halloween soundtrack record from 1985, Night In A Graveyard, on Haunted House Music Co. Records (Golden Circle, Inc., Stamford Connecticut).

This record is a load of campy fun and is better than a lot of the other old soundtracks that are out there. Side one is a 12-minute track that takes us through a night in the graveyard, while side two is a collection of various sound effects.

Warning: Do Not Listen To This Recording Alone. May Be Hazardous To Your Health.

Parental Guidance Suggested.

Enjoy your "slimmy" (sic) journey as you spend a Night In A Graveyard! Download here IF YOU DARE!



Mantan Calaveras said...

This was always my favorite soundtrack for Halloween, along with Trip Through a Haunted House.

Something about these sounds, drifting through the night after all the trick or treaters are gone. It's genuinely creepy.

Thanks for sharing.

highbury said...

Enjoy it, Mantan! This one was surprisingly fun in it's creepiness and I can only imagine listening to this in the late, quiet night.

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