Sounds To Make You Shiver! Soundtrack

Bloodcurdling! Terror! Horror!

Listen in terror to Count Dracula! Scream along with his victim! Go mad in the Haunted House! Hear Frankenstein break loose! Horrific Sounds for Halloween fun!

Relive your childhood Halloween memories IN STEREO!!


While it may (or may not) be National Haunted House Day, we haven't forgotten about Freebie Fridays! This week, it's a Halloween soundtrack classic - Pickwick International's Sounds To Make You Shiver! from 1974, composed by Wade Denning.

And yes, this is a common release that has already been posted on a multitude of blogs, but I still find this release to be quite entertaining. Especially with some of the, uh "authentic" sound effects from side two... 

From the back of the record sleeve:
This record is designed for Halloween fun—designed to make the chills run up your spine, and small children climb to the safety of their parents' laps.

Turn the record on and the lights out, then prepare for a visit to a haunted house, complete with banging shutters, eerie screams, the hoot of an owl, the squall of a cat, the growl of a dog...scraping chains, stealthy footsteps, howling winds, rain on the window pane, maniacal laughter, a witch's screech, moans and groans.

"Sounds To Make You Shiver" is an ideal record to play on Halloween night within earshot of the front door—then you'll throw a litle reverse fright into the trick-or-treat gangs of small fry in their sheets and masks.

"Sounds To Make You Shiver" is an extra kick for halloween parties and halloween plays.

The "Visit to a Haunted House" side is designed primarily for general scaring. The reverse side is for specific uses. There are separate bands of specialized sound effects, including howling wind, banging shutters, creaking doors, chains and footsteps, horrible laughs, death-agony screams, a witch's cackle, and a whole menagerie of animal noises.

The sound effects side is ideal for background noises that will give extra authenticity to mystery play or skit. Just play the record on cue in the wings and the audience will shiver and love it.

So now, with this preparation, douse the lights, turn the record on loud volume, sit back...and relax...if you can.

Enjoy the bloodcurdling horror of Sounds To Make You Shiver!



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Great to have playing in the background, I am sure!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportunity.

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