The Crimson Ghost - Episode 2: Thunderbolt

Oh, no! Professor Chambers has been kidnapped and is under the spell of the evil Crimson Ghost who now has possession of the Cyclotrode. And to make matters worse, it appears as though Duncan Richards, even through his wonderfully choreographed fight scenes, has met his untimely demise...

Is the world doomed? Let's find out in episode 2: Thunderbolt

(and thanks to jjsleighride for posting the episodes!)

The Crimson Ghost - Episode 1: Atomic Peril

A mysterious villain, the eponymous Crimson Ghost, is determined to steal a counter atomic device known as Cyclotrode X, which can short out any electrical device.

Here's a great one for classic sci-fi and crime serial fans as well as, oddly enough, fans of Glenn Danzig. The Crimson Ghost was a film serial released by Republic Pictures in 1946, about a villain who will stop at nothing to steal the Cyclotrode X, a device capable of stopping atomic missiles (how appropriate for the time!). In 1956, it was re-released as a six-episode series, and again in 1966 as a movie entitled Cyclotrode X. Fans of Glenn Danzig's first band, The Misfits, will recognize the Crimson Ghost as the iconic face used for the band's famous logo:

Enjoy episode 1: Atomic Peril (and thanks to jjsleighride for posting the episodes!):

It's Another Major Award!

A big thank you goes out to the guy literally down the road from the Cemetery, Erick from Wonderful Wonderblog, for awarding us the "You Make Me SCREAM" award! Be sure to visit Erick's killer blog and be sure to tell him that we said thank you for directing most of the traffic that visits ours!

So as the rules of this award explicitly state, we must now bestow the same honor to ten other blogs that make us scream. And of course because we're rule breakers, we bestow this honor to only NINE blogs! Ha HA!

1. Pumpkinrot (of course!)
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So congratulations to the nine of you! Now go out and spread your horrorific fun!!

Limited Edition Posters From Phantom City Creative

Here's a little something I found for anyone who didn't get that perfect holiday gift, or if you're still looking for that special gift for your favorite blogger (I'll take one of each, thank you very much). Limited edition posters from Phantom City Creative, out of Toronto, Canada. Visit their etsy site to order these screen printed masterpieces.

Night Of The Living Dead

Dead Snow

Let The Right One In

Repo The Genetic Opera

A Little Metal To Start The Year Off Right?

Well, it's awfully quiet around the Cemetery this time of year, so why not crank up a little classic metal on a cold winter's day?