Cupid's Revenge 2023 At The Haunted Schoolhouse

Okay, Northern Ohio haunt lovers! Valentine's Day is next week and what better way to show your love than by bringing your special sweetie to Cupid's Revenge at the Haunted Schoolhouse February 10 & 11 in Akron!!

Two nights of ridiculously fun and scary Valentine monster madness, with event-only souvenirs and themed-specialty cocktails guaranteed to make your date night...extra special.

And if you don't have a date? That's okay! Just meet me at the gate because I'LL BE WORKING THE QUEUE LINE BOTH NIGHTS!!!!!

And in the odd chance that you miss me, you're still bound to see Kal, Larry, and all those dumpster babies...

Enjoy that smell of love in the air this weekend and get there early to get in on all the, Come see me and get scaaaaaaared!! Grab your tickets here!


Transworld 2023 Walkthrough Video

So here's a post for everyone (like me) who WASN'T in St. Louis this weekend for the annual Transworld Halloween & Attraction Show

I spent the weekend looking at all the YouTube, Facebook and Instagram posts and videos from the annual Halloween tradeshow, and it looked like the show was phenomenal again. Next year, I REALLY need to get back there!

I settled on posting this show walkthrough video from Brick Thunder because it did a great job of showing everything from the tradeshow floor. So much variety and so much volume!

Enjoy the video and maybe, just maybe we'll see you there in 2024...