Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 Starts Tonight!

Blah blah Walking Dead blah blah starts tonight blah blah. I'm going to keep up with it only because I've stayed with it for this long. I figure I need to see it through.

The real excitement is that Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 starts tonight, too! Don't forget to tune in to Starz at 9:00 or set those DVRs. Time to get back down to business with Ashy Slashy...

Carpenter Brut - "Leather Teeth"

If he's stalking you... HELL is the sweetest place TO HIDE!

Hot off the presses is this brand new track from Carpenter Brut. Absolutely killer French synthwave for your weekend, so let's make it a good one.

Instagram #100 - Highbury Cemetery Graphic Series No. 7

It's been a while since I last sat down and did some art, so I decided that in honor of my 100th Instagram post (you do follow me on Instagram, don't you??), I would sit down and bang out another Highbury Cemetery Graphic Series collage.

Another fun, spontaneous mixing of Halloween and horror art, featuring some of the prop pieces that I have created for the yard haunt. There's nothing like sitting down and just letting the creativity flow. After about 45 minutes, the latest creation was done...

Off to go post this one to Instagram! And there's enough creativity left in the tank to maybe whip up one more this weekend. Let's see what I come up with next!


Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all those monster couples out there that were just made for each other...


Love Bites at the Haunted Schoolhouse

This past weekend, I got the chance to go check out Love Bites, the Valentine's-themed haunt event at the Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory here in Akron, Ohio.

I've been going to the Schoolhouse for years, as it's literally 10 minutes away from the Cemetery, and every time I go I get a little nostalgic, as it was one of the first haunted houses I ever went to growing up (I think my first trip was maybe 1985?).

I've always loved the haunts, especially with this year's new ownership changeover and much-needed updating. This weekend's Valentine haunt was no different, with a few added lovey-dovey touches and an overall fun and great show with a large turnout.

Come get a kiss from the infamous DuWayne/Tater!!

Smoochie! Smoochie!

But what made this trip a bit more special was that for the first time in 35 years, I got a nice little behind-the-scenes tour, thanks to the haunt's makeup artist, Dave from Closed Casket Studios.

And while the staging and makeup areas were a bit smaller than I thought they were going to be, what was contained in both had the nostalgia kicking in like crazy...

The absolutely first thing I noticed was this amazing gem tacked to the wall. I couldn't believe it! An original early, early poster from the 70s/80s. ADMISSION TWO DOLLARS!! FREE BABY SITTING!! They just don't make haunt posters like this anymore. And look at all that glorious retro haunt art. It was a thing of sheer beauty!! God, I wanted to take it home with me. I wonder if they would ever let me borrow it to scan it and maybe make a limited run of screen printed reprints of it? I would probably buy all of the copies!!

After drooling over the poster for a few minutes, I checked out all of the other old art and props in the staging area and then the makeup room...

An unused prop (possibly from Unit 70?) that stood at least 9 feet tall!

Cemetery friend Randy Skalos from Haunt on Williams Street came all the way from Conneaut, Ohio to check out the haunt with us. He was digging this prop, too.

Not sure how old this piece was, but damn was it cool!

Ugh, how much for the killer Frank mask!?!?

The art on the back door of the Schoolhouse's original old school bus! (Another great thing about the new ownership was their understanding in keeping a lot of the original elements for the nostalgic types like me. I loved checking the old bus out as it was now proudly displayed near the ticket booth. Well done!)

So after the haunt and behind-the-scenes tour was over, it was time to head out for some drinks and grub with the crew. But not before making a quick stop at the merch table and adding a hilarious and awesome new haunt shirt to my collection...

Well done, Schoolhouse. Well done!!


Haunters Hangout Season 6 Starts Thursday!

Time to gather 'round the old computer this Thursday night at 9pm for the start of season 6 of Haunters Hangout! Tons of cool haunters talk about tons of cool haunted related topics and a ton of cool prizes! It's the perfect jolt to get everyone back into full haunt mode.

Be sure to watch the live show on the Haunters Hangout YouTube page and also ask all your most pressing haunt-related questions on the Haunters Hangout Facebook page for your chance to win some really sweet prizes!

This season kicks off with a bang with some really big names in the home haunt game. And be sure to join me in heckling my friend Brent Wilson from Planet Doom Haunt! His home haunt is absolutely incredible and he's a super cool dude, so I'm going to give him as much grief as I can!

See everyone this Thursday night!

Steve Moore - "Cub" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I have yet to actually see the 2014 Belgian horror film Cub (although it is now on Amazon Prime, so I think I know what I'll be watching tonight!), but I had heard Steve Moore's (from Zombi fame) incredible soundtrack shortly after the film's initial release. And since that time, it has been patiently sitting on my wantlist.

I was finally able to add it to my vinyl collection and it has been on a constant rotation here at the Cemetery ever since.

Lush, ominous synth-driven ambient soundscapes that go much darker than any of his work in Zombi, this release is right in my wheelhouse and has already become a favorite. (Especially the tracks The Hunt and Sam vs. Kai. Wow.) I just can't believe I've waited this long to grab the soundtrack and see the film itself!

From Steve Moore's Bandcamp page:

Original soundtrack to the major motion picture Cub scored by STEVE MOORE (Zombi). Cub is a brutal horror film from Belgium that tells the tale of a young cub-scout bullied by his troop-mates. When the kids take a scout camping trip to the woods, things get bloody quickly when a deranged poacher sets his sites on the young kids. STEVE MOORE's haunting synth based score is the perfect soundscape for this acclaimed horror film. Whether you're familiar with the movie Cub or not, STEVE MOORE's score sits perfectly with your Zombi discography.