Charnel House - "Standing At The Cemetery Gates"

The third track from my new haunt audio project, Charnel House, has now been posted.


The pulse quickens as blood pounds through constricting veins. You stand alone at the rusted entry way on a dark, moonless night. Black shadows of barren trees dance around you in the stark autumn wind. The icy chill of night fog creeps ominously around the gravestones of those who walked these grounds centuries before, beckoning your entrance inward. The single, ghoulishly carved jack-o-lantern must be illuminated in appeasement of the spirits and the dark offering for All Hallows Eve will be complete…

For this track, I went with more of a straight dark ambient sound, focusing on the creepier tones throughout, and I'm really happy with the way this one turned out. Ominous, yet restrained. 

And, like all of the Charnel House tracks thus far, Standing At The Cemetery Gates is free to use in your home or pro haunt. Head over to the Charnel House page to grab a copy of it. Happy Haunting!!


Masks by VonJekyllArt

So I recently discovered the incredible masks of VonJekyllArt and was ready to post a few of his pieces here. And then PumpkinRot beat me to it!!

No matter, as these amazing pieces could never be shared too much. I really like the sculpting style of his masks, and the muted, organic feel of each. They really are different than any other masks that I have come across and at least one or two will eventually be making their way into my slowly-growing collection.

If, by chance, you haven't seen them yet, please enjoy the killer masks form VonJekyllArt. You can see his full line of masks at his Etsy store.


Raison D'être - "Citrinitas"

From the Raison D'être Bandcamp page:
Alchymeia is diving deep down to the shadows of the unconsciousness, and back to a dawn of the true Self. Confronting the shadow within is the darkest time of despair. There seems no way forward, only down. All is blackening and decomposed. Suddenly, through an enantiodromia, the ever deepening descent into the unconscious transmogrifies and becomes gradually illuminated. The melancholia is being purified.

A wonderfully dark and deeply atmospheric 2018 ambient track from prolific Swedish artist, Raison D'être.

Sam Heimer's Etsy Art Sale

Is there an artist today whose work better encompasses the spirit of Halloween than Philadelphia illustrator, Sam Heimer? A whimsical, organic, earthy, vintage and spooky illustrated style with heavy lines akin to woodcut prints, I drool over each new print and toy figure that is released. And ever so slowly, my collection of Heimer prints and toys grows...

If you're a long-time fan of Heimer's work or are just interested to see more, now is definitely the time to pay attention.

Because starting today, everything in Heimer's Etsy shop is on sale for 20% off. Apparently Etsy will be raising their seller fees, to the dismay of Heimer, and he's decided to bail. So from now until July 15, simply use the very cheeky code "FUCKTHISIMOUT" and get 20% off everything in your order. And with a large array of incredible Halloween prints, books and clothing, NOW is the time to start your collection or grow it even larger!


Halloween - Official Trailer

In the off chance that you haven't seen it yet, the first official trailer was FINALLY posted for the newest installment in the Halloween franchise. A new sequel from the 1978 original that picks up the storyline 40 years after the events of Halloween night. So all of those other less-than-stellar sequels are now null and void (except for you, Season Of The Witch, you'll always be my favorite!)...

I've watched this trailer a few times now and I'm actually pretty excited about it. I really like the new, more contemporarily stylized prison yard scenes. It seems to give the film a new maturity.

I also like the new badass Laurie Strode. 40 years of training with the single focus on revenge.

And of course the return of The Shape. A great, worn version of that iconic mask with the same movement and characteristics of the original. Although in doing some quick math, wouldn't Michael Myers now be about 60 years old??

I'm cautiously optimistic on this film, trying not to blow up on the hype as it's VERY rare that any film can live up to it. Even with John Carpenter's name attached to it. But I'll definitely be in line when Halloween hits the theaters on Friday, October 19th.

Slayer - "Raining Blood"

Off to see Slayer on their final world tour tonight! Slowly getting excited for this show...


Charnel House - "The Fractured Lullaby"

The second track from my new haunt ambient audio project, Charnel House, has now been posted.

This second track was based on an actual recording of an old Teddy Bear that my wife had as a child. The wind-up lullaby mechanism was damaged and played at a slow pace, giving it a really creepy sound. When I started on this project earlier this year, I immediately knew that I wanted to incorporate that sound into one of the tracks, and the finished audio is here now for your enjoyment!


The child is lulled into blissful slumber, only to have innocence clawed away and engulfed by the darkening discord of blackest nightmare… sleep tight, oh little one.