The Crimson Ghost - Episode 12: The Invisible Trail

Oh thank the heavens! I went back and reviewed the previous episode and realized that it wasn't Ash that got killed by Duncan. Ash is still alive! The bad guys can still win!

So back to the recap... Diana pulls her second "Duncan" and escapes the runaway truck seconds before it smashes through the warehouse wall and plummets into the ocean. Unfortunately, they must have forgotten about Professor Van Wyck, because he was still in the truck. Way to show compassion, Duncan! While this is going on, the Crimson Ghost escapes again. But at least Diana is alright, I guess. Screw Van Wyck. Back at the new Crimson Ghost hideout, a new character is introduced. He is apparently going to build the Cyclotrode for the Crimson Ghost. At the same time, Duncan, who is now back at his lab, tells Diana about his new plan to bring in a psychologist who will observe the two remaining professors and determine which one is the Crimson Ghost. But Duncan, you fool! You allow the cleaning lady to come in, only to find out that she has stashed a recorder in the trash can and the Crimson Ghost has heard your entire plan. He then replaces the real psychologist, Dr. Cushing, with an imposter who must have the widest-set eyes I have ever seen. He looks like a frog. But he is quickly foiled when he falls for Duncan's trick questions about his middle name and which hand he signs a copy of his book with. Things you should know before you impersonate someone. A fight breaks out and before Duncan can get any information from him, he pulls his collar off and is quickly turned to mush. Meanwhile, Diana is sent over to Duncan's secret apartment to retrieve the Cyclotrode plans. But two of the Crimson Ghost's goons are there to get her. One goon even pulls a move the Sopranos would be proud of. The old "Give Me The Plans to the Cyclotrode, Or I'll Smash Your Hand in This Drawer" trick. She opens the safe, but throws the plans out the window. And during this time, Duncan is quickly on his way to save the day yet again. He arrives just in time to have a three-way dance with the goons. Fists fly and one goon escapes, leaving the other high and dry. Duncan and goon number 2 brawl it out, and one of the two gets a fist to the face and falls out of the window, plummeting to the ground below. I'm going to go ahead and say that it probably wasn't Duncan, based on ever single episode so far...

Let's find out how this thing ends with the final episode: The Invisible Trail.

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The Crimson Ghost - Episode 11: Double Murder

Somehow, Duncan escapes again. Yes, again. He wakes up in the Crimson Ghost's laboratory, surrounded by flames and smoke. He leaps out of the way of a giant explosion and then inexplicably meanders out of the lab (But how? They never show us. I guess even the director is bored with Duncan continually escaping at the last second. Two more episodes to go and they're already phoning it in...). Back at the lab, Duncan informs the professors that he has brought back pieces from the Crimson Ghost's secret hideout, and that he's going to get fingerprints off of the equipment to reveal the Crimson Ghost's identity. But alas, it's just another trick! Duncan suspects one of the professors being aligned with the Crimson Ghost and hopes to catch the guilty party at the warehouse. On the way there, Duncan and Diana are ambushed by Ash and his funky shotgun. Gun play erupts between Duncan and Ash, but after he empties his chamber, Ash makes another escape. And unfortunately, Duncan's car is stuck in the mud. But luckily, they can simply walk the half-mile to the warehouse. And when they finally arrive, they catch Professor Van Wyck trying to steal the truck loaded with the Crimson Ghost's equipment. Busted! As Duncan is confronting Van Wyck, the real Crimson Ghost arrives, gun in hand. And as Van Wyck tries to pull his piece, Ash lets him have it with a slug of his own. Gun fire again breaks out in the warehouse, and it it there that the unthinkable happens. Duncan shoots Ash. And it is at this moment that I officially hate Duncan's guts. But the show must go on, and Duncan and the Crimson Ghost keep firing at each other. Diana and the wounded Professor Van Wyck climb into the delivery truck and try to make their escape. The Crimson Ghost then fires a shot into the windshield, causing the truck to go out of control. It crashes through the back wall of the warehouse and plunges into the sea!

Are Diana and Professor Van Wyck fish food? And is it true that Ash is dead? Find out in the penultimate episode: Double Murder.

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The Crimson Ghost - Episode 10: The Trap That Failed

And Duncan got Diana's collar removed just in the nick of time! Ash, posing as Dr. Gage, pulls the plug on the magnetic machine just as Duncan removes the collar and it explodes in a flash of light. Fight! Duncan knocks Ash out and sets up his plan. Handcuffed, Ash watches as one armed guard relieves the other, but it's a trick! The new guard was sent by the Crimson Ghost and knocks the first guard out, then frees Ash. While he is escaping, Duncan arrives. Fight! Ash is able to escape in a getaway car parked in the alley. But surprise, Ash! It's an elaborate plan set up by Duncan, and you've fallen for it! Your getaway car is bugged and Duncan can now follow you straight to the Crimson Ghost's hideout. Duncan soon arrives at the hideout, cold steel drawn. He sneaks in to surprise the Crimson Ghost and what appears to be that guy that was working on a safe at the radio store with Ash way back when. Anyway, Duncan, curious to find out the identity of the Crimson Ghost, removes the skull mask. But it's Ash! Duncan, you've been one-upped. The real Crimson Ghost now comes up from behind, with his cold steel drawn. Quickly, Duncan pulls the steampipe trick, blowing hot steam at the Crimson Ghost. Fight! A massive brawl breaks out while Hi-Test Fuel leaks from a barrel pierced by a gunshot. Sparks erupt and the hideout goes up in a blaze! While Duncan and Ash are grappling, the Crimson Ghost lays a chair to the back of Duncan (a move any ECW fan would be proud of!), knocking him out. The Crimson Ghost and Ash then grab the heavy water and escape the inferno.

Is Duncan destined to be crispy this time around? Find out in episode 10: The Trap That Failed.

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The Crimson Ghost - Episode 9: Blazing Fury

He's done it again! Duncan escapes death again! Just when we think he has fallen into a generator and exploded into a flash of light, he merely uses his powerful abs to roll off the side. And, he quickly grabs a gun to capture Ash. Hearing this, the Crimson Ghost orders Diana to remove her collar. Duncan sees this and Ash quickly gives a smooth kung-fu chop, knocking the gun from Duncan's hand, allowing Ash to make his escape. Duncan prevents Diana from removing the collar by knocking her out with a bottle of what could only possibly be Chloratine. Duncan gets Diana to the hospital to administer a powerful counteractive drug, then on to his lab to perform a procedure to remove the collar, along with the help of Dr. Gage. But little does Duncan know that it isn't Dr. Gage at all. It's Ash in a smooth disguise! Luckily, Duncan tells Dr. Gage that the power must be maintained at all times for the magnetic device to work on Diana's collar, and not-so-luckily, it happens to be plugged into an outlet right behind Ash. The procedure begins and the magnetic device is working. But Ash pulls back and kicks the plug out of the socket. KA-BLAMO!

It looks like Diana is done for! Let's find out in episode 9: Blazing Fury.

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The Crimson Ghost - Episode 8: The Slave Collar

And Diana pulls the classic "Duncan"! She leaps from her car before it goes KA-BLAMO! on the bridge. She runs back to the road and flags down the first car to come by. Unfortunately, it happens to be Ash whose on his way back to the secret hideout. Apparently Diana isn't much of a mountain climber, because Ash easily captures her before she can scale the rock face to safety. When she awakens, she's in the presence of the Crimson Ghost! She is quickly fitted with the mind-control collar and sent forth to do the Crimson Ghost's bidding. Back at the lab, Duncan arrives, surprised to see Diana. She, in turn, gives Duncan a small present. Oh no! Chloratine! Duncan pretends to be out cold (he has built up a tolerance to Chloratine as this series goes on) and surprises Ash as he enters the lab. Fight! Another one of the Crimson Ghost's goons gets the Duncan beat down and gets turned to S'more as he's dumped into the generator. As Duncan fights with Ash, the Crimson Ghost instructs Diana to kill Duncan. She clobbers him with a bar stool, and he too falls into the generator with a blinding flash...

Let's see how Duncan inevitably escapes this one in episode 8: The Slave Collar.

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The Crimson Ghost - Episode 7: Electrocution

Damn, Duncan sure is a bad driver. But while he can't drive a car very well, he sure can jump out of them seconds before they explode into giant fireballs. Somehow he escapes again, leaping from his car seconds before it plows into the plane containing the heavy water and goes KA-BLAMO! Fortunately, while the heavy water is lost in the explosion, the Crimson Ghost decides to make his own heavy water, starting with some refined uranium that he plans on stealing. And he knows just where to get it. From the delivery truck going across Owl Creek Bridge, on its way to the nuclear facility. And wouldn't you know that it's so close to the Crimson Ghost's hideout! While Ash and his goons are taking the explosive to Owl Creek Bridge, they notice Diana, flying a recon mission in her plane. They quickly grab the Cyclotrode and zap her out of the sky. She parachutes to safety, but right into Ash and his boys. Duncan steps up and drives his sweet Woodie to rescue her. Fight! Luckily, Diana is there to bail him out again and one of Ash's goons falls off of the cliff. Duncan then goes after Ash and tells Diana to warn the delivery truck of the bridge trap. But Duncan messes it up again during his fight with Ash, allowing him to use the Cyclotrode to detonate the bomb. But Diana is driving across the bridge to warn the delivery truck, and KA-BLAMO! The bridge explodes!

Has Diana made the ultimate sacrifice for that loser Duncan? Find out in episode 7: Electrocution.

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The Crimson Ghost - Episode 6: Mystery Of The Mountain

Way to go, Diana! You've saved Duncan from the poison gas just in the nick of time. I'd be willing to bet the the Crimson Ghost didn't use Chloratine this time! Later, the ever-resourceful Duncan gets a list of radio shops in the area that sell something or other and he's going to check them out. And of course he happens upon a shop where Ash is working with some sort of radio guy who is using an electronic stethoscope to open a safe. Fight! Another well-choreographed fight breaks out and Duncan is subdued. But ha-ha! He was only pretending. He's heard Ash's plan to use the electronic stethoscope to break into the vault containing the heavy water, a key ingredient for the Cyclotrode. He smooth-talks the radio guy into getting a cigarette out of his coat pocket, but ha-ha! It was a trick cigarette case! The oldest one in the book! And it was probably Chloratine that knocked the radio guy out! Duncan quickly escapes and makes his way to find Ash. And while Ash and the other goon has successfully stolen the heavy water, Duncan drives up and the bullets start flying. Ash escapes after Duncan cold gats the other goon, and a car chase ensues. Ash makes the quick turn onto a dirt road to evade Duncan (maybe Diana should have driven?) and gets to the waiting pilot in the plane, who is going to fly the heavy water to the Crimson Ghost. But as the plane starts to take off, Duncan flies down the road. Ash unloads on his car, apparently hitting Duncan with a bullet (maybe?), but the still-speeding car drifts into the path of the plane as it's trying to take off and KA-BLAMO!!

Let's see how Duncan escapes a bullet and a giant fireball this episode 6: Mystery Of The Mountain.

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The Crimson Ghost - Episode 5: Flaming Death

Hang on, Duncan! It was a good thing that ledge was there so that you could tarzan swing to safety! Now you can catch the Crimson Ghost with your secret plan, using heavy water, the active ingredient for the Cyclotrode, as bait. And you've caught Professor Anderson red-handed as he was trying to steal the heavy water. But Duncan, you fool! Professor Anderson was not the Crimson Ghost! He was merely another pawn in the Ghost's sick game! And now you've killed him by removing his control collar. And Ash has gotten away with the heavy water. Luckily, Diana is there to drive you around and follow the Crimson Ghost's car--but straight into a trap! Captured in a room where you're gassed. I just hope it wasn't Chloratine!!

Is Duncan really out this time? Find out in episode 5: Flaming Death.

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The Crimson Ghost - Episode 4: The Laughing Skull

Duncan, stop! Dr. Chambers sacrifices himself to save Duncan from the Cyclotrode trap! And somehow, Duncan escapes yet again. Meanwhile, the Crimson Ghost needs cash money, so he robs an armored car with the help of the Lil' Cyclotrode. And did you see the gift Duncan receives at his office!? It's the super-rare "A Message From The Crimson Ghost" 12" LP test press. I wish I had that in my collection!! But Crimson Ghost, you fool! You used Chloratine and Duncan could smell it a mile away! He was only pretending to be knocked out and he's heard every word you've said. But alas, another over-the-top fight breaks out and the Crimson Ghost escapes across an electric wire (but only after a Three Stooges-esque flower vase smashed over his head). And as Duncan follows, the Crimson Ghost dissolves the wire before Duncan can reach the end...

Surely Duncan hasn't reached the end of the line! (Ha! Get it!! End of the line!!) Find out in episode 4: The Laughing Skull.

(And thanks as always to jjsleighride for posting the episodes!)

The Crimson Ghost - Episode 3: The Fatal Sacrifice

Thank goodness Duncan escaped from his runaway car before it plummeted off of the cliff and exploded into a giant fireball! Professor Chambers has reluctantly agreed to build the full size Cyclotrode for the Crimson Ghost, but he secretly has a plan up his sleeve. The Crimson Ghost's goons go to the lab to get the X-7 Transformer Tube, a part in which the ever-smart Duncan realizes is not a part for the Cyclotrode at all. He also has the knowledge that the X-7 can be tracked using the Radium Detector. And this will lead him and Diana Farnsworth, a lab fox who obviously knows how to hold a gun, straight to Professor Chambers and the Crimson Ghost. But wait, Duncan! Don't go through that door!!

Is poor Duncan nothing but a smoldering pile of ash? Find out in episode 3: The Fatal Sacrifice

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