The Crimson Ghost - Episode 4: The Laughing Skull

Duncan, stop! Dr. Chambers sacrifices himself to save Duncan from the Cyclotrode trap! And somehow, Duncan escapes yet again. Meanwhile, the Crimson Ghost needs cash money, so he robs an armored car with the help of the Lil' Cyclotrode. And did you see the gift Duncan receives at his office!? It's the super-rare "A Message From The Crimson Ghost" 12" LP test press. I wish I had that in my collection!! But Crimson Ghost, you fool! You used Chloratine and Duncan could smell it a mile away! He was only pretending to be knocked out and he's heard every word you've said. But alas, another over-the-top fight breaks out and the Crimson Ghost escapes across an electric wire (but only after a Three Stooges-esque flower vase smashed over his head). And as Duncan follows, the Crimson Ghost dissolves the wire before Duncan can reach the end...

Surely Duncan hasn't reached the end of the line! (Ha! Get it!! End of the line!!) Find out in episode 4: The Laughing Skull.

(And thanks as always to jjsleighride for posting the episodes!)


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