The Crimson Ghost - Episode 3: The Fatal Sacrifice

Thank goodness Duncan escaped from his runaway car before it plummeted off of the cliff and exploded into a giant fireball! Professor Chambers has reluctantly agreed to build the full size Cyclotrode for the Crimson Ghost, but he secretly has a plan up his sleeve. The Crimson Ghost's goons go to the lab to get the X-7 Transformer Tube, a part in which the ever-smart Duncan realizes is not a part for the Cyclotrode at all. He also has the knowledge that the X-7 can be tracked using the Radium Detector. And this will lead him and Diana Farnsworth, a lab fox who obviously knows how to hold a gun, straight to Professor Chambers and the Crimson Ghost. But wait, Duncan! Don't go through that door!!

Is poor Duncan nothing but a smoldering pile of ash? Find out in episode 3: The Fatal Sacrifice

(And thanks again to jjsleighride for posting the episodes!)


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