Ghost - Secular Haze

Starting off 2013 with some music news! Two weeks ago, Ghost announced that they will be releasing their second album, Infestissumam, in the spring. Along with the announcement came a new website and the release of the new single, Secular Haze. (And it looks like you can still download the song free here!)

And if this news wasn't enough, they posted the video below on their new YouTube channel, revealing that they will have a new singer, Papa Emeritus II, for this release.

It looks like I'll have some new tunes for this year's propbuilding season. I can't wait for this release to hit the shelves!

And if you're reading this today (Jan. 19), they will be playing the P3 Guldgalan Music Awards show in Sweden. I don't know Swedish (outside of IKEA), but you can stream the show live here.