All set up and ready to go (I think) for tonight's Haunters Hangout. Come hang out and talk all things Halloween haunting with me and the rest of this week's guests at 9:00pm EST on the Haunters Hangout YouTube Channel.

Behind the scenes at Highbury Cemetery!

Just me and my crew tonight!


This Week's Haunters Hangout Guests Will Be...!

Wait, who is that first guy?

Oh, damn! Come hang out with me and the rest of this week's guest haunters to talk about all things Highbury Cemetery and Halloween haunts!! Meet me this Thursday, March 31 on the Haunters Hangout YouTube Channel at 9:00pm EST. Be there or be square!!

Transworld 2016 Video by Chris Ainsworth

Here's the best video I've seen so far from this year's Transworld Halloween & Attraction Show in St. Louis. Video by Chris Ainsworth from Thornhill Woods, with an AC/DC lip-sync segment featuring a who's who of the Halloween industry. Great stuff!

Evil Dead 2 - Fan Designed Packaging Poll

From Waxwork Records:

Waxwork Records is excited to launch our very first fan designed soundtrack poll. What this means is that you get to vote on various concepts for the front album cover, inner gatefold, and back cover art of the LP jacket for our upcoming soundtrack release of the 1987 horror classic, EVIL DEAD 2.

It’s no secret that Waxwork Records likes to let fans behind the curtain to see what goes on behind the scenes here in our camp. As true fans of music, cinema, and art, we think it’s crucial to let everyone have a look at how our products are created. We have taken you into our pressing plant, we have taken you into artists’ homes and studios, and now we want you to have the opportunity to help design one of our deluxe soundtrack releases on vinyl.

Waxwork Records has worked closely with illustrator Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative to illustrate various artistic concepts of our EVIL DEAD 2 soundtrack release. Justin is a true talent and a great problem solver. We think you’ll love what he came up with!

So, come join us in the woods and help us design our groovy EVIL DEAD 2 release. But, remember to keep out of the fruit cellar!


(For what it's worth, I voted D/B/B.)


Alan Howarth at HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati

I didn't have any intentions of going to the HorrorHound Weekend convention in Cincinnati next weekend until I saw this:

Damn. I mean sure, Elvira, Madchen Amick and Alexandra Breckenridge are all going to be there, but I would make the drive to Cincinnati to see Alan Howarth perform live! Anybody else planning on going and maybe want to shoot a little video for those of us who can't??



Only 241 more days until Halloween.

Now go to my previous post about the Friday the 13th Part III soundtrack, press play and then come back and watch this. You're welcome! Time to get into the garage and knock out a few props!!