Jason Edmiston - "Source of 5 Essential Nutrients"

An incredible mashup between the classic Universal Movie Monsters and the General Mills Monster Cereals characters. Amazing art from
Jason Edmiston, with limited edition prints available at this weekend's DesignerCon in Anaheim. I absolutely love this!

Fröhliche Krampusnacht!

It's Krampusnacht, and that means that all of the bad children will be visited by Krampus tonight! Krampus, the Christmas Devil and evil counterpart of St. Nicholas, is a cloven-hooved, goat-demon that punishes bad children with a lash of his birch branched switch, then transports them to Hell inside the wicker basket upon his back.

Have you been good this year?

Photo courtesy of Liv Rainey-Smith/Xylographilia.

Photo courtesy of Sean Gallup/Getty Images.

Photo courtesy of Matej Divisna/Getty Images.

Photo courtesy of Miguel Walch.

Photo courtesy of Hexe Productions.

Photo courtesy of Fest300/Krampusnacht 2013.

Photo courtesy of Stefan Koidl.

And a little homage to the horned-one himself from the 2015 Michael Daugherty film of the same name to put you in a ghastly yuletide mood... "Cloven" by composer Douglas Pipes. Enjoy!


Ghost - "Zenith"

FINALLY! Zenith is one of my favorite songs from Ghost, although it has always been a "hidden" track in that it only appeared on a special 2015 vinyl box set release of Meliora. It was the only Ghost song in their entire catalog not widely available on any streaming service. Until today!

From Ghost:
We wish to inform you that these times call for a divine compilation of some of Ghost's most sinful psalms and the most observant shall find the wider release of Ghost's cult tune "Zenith."  Ghost's 13 Commandments: so let it be written, so let it be done.... Listen now everywhere.