Graveyard Calling Horror Records - Fresh From The Morgue

Whether rolling in your hearse or entertaining guests in your Transylvanian castle, Fresh From The Morgue brings you spine-chilling tunes for every occasion!

Tommy Creep and the gang over at Graveyard Calling Horror Records have done it again. Another FREE compilation for our undeserving ears!

This time, it's the Fresh From The Morgue compilation, featuring an amazing 31 tracks (that's over 100 minutes of music!). This time, they break out of their usual offering of horrorstep electronica and add some straight forward rock and roll to the mix. And did I mention that it's FREE!?

2014 MHC Preliminary Bus Tour Info Announced

This week, the Midwest Haunters Convention announced the preliminary bus tour info for their 2014 convention.

From their site:

Thursday Night Bus Tour (June 5, 2014)
The 2014 Midwest Haunters Convention pre-convention bus tour leaves Columbus late morning/early afternoon on Thursday, June 5th on a tour of some amazing Ohio haunts and attractions including a behind-the-scenes visit to Robert Kurtzman’s FX shop Creature Corps and the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the Longest Haunt in the World - The Factory Of Terror! The tour returns late Thursday night to our host hotel in Columbus. Check back often for the latest details on this tour!

Friday Night Bus Tour & After Party (June 6, 2014)
After many years, The Friday Night Midwest Haunt Tour returns to visit the world famous ScareFactory! Explore this massive production facility and see giant monsters, cool effects, fabrication demos and as many as three massive haunted attractions under construction for the 2014 season.  This will be a rare behind-the-scenes tour of the world’s largest manufacturer of animatronics for the haunt industry filled with surprises and terrifyingly cool products that you won’t want to miss!

After the ScareFactory tour, buses roll out to see the ScareAtorium! The ScareAtorium is the ULTIMATE FEAR EXPERIENCE in one of Ohio’s best and largest haunted attractions. The 40,000 square foot venue, located in Columbus, features two attractions; the “Northland Asylum” and “Rip’s 3D Funhouse.” A combination of special effects techniques are used to thrill guests, ranging from highly detailed sets and the latest props to acting techniques and elaborate characters!

Following the ScareAtorium, buses will return to the convention center in time for the Friday Haunt Tour After Party produced by the 13th Floor Haunted House and The House of Torment! If you have ever been to one of their events you know what sort of fun to expect and if you haven’t, be warned!  These guys know how to throw a party!  Check back often for more information on these events and tours. Tickets for the Friday Night Tour and the Friday Night After Party sponsored by the 13th Floor go on sale soon!

I'm starting to get excited for the 2014 convention. It looks like I'll be up for the Friday bus tour and after party along with the convention trade show and Saturday night Masquerade Party (although I would really love to check out Kurtzman's Creature Corps on the Thursday tour). Honestly, I don't think my liver could take anymore than that!

If you were on the fence about attending or you haven't been to the Midwest Haunters Convention yet, do yourself a favor and go. This will be my fourth year attending and it is an absolute blast. Every year we go a little crazier and we have a little more fun. And along with that, we meet more really cool people. It's a great convention that's geared toward the home haunt crowd (and their budgets) and it has a very laid back atmosphere.

See you there!

Pagan - "Dissonance"

Yep, it's another dark ambient music track. This one is a total killer. It burns right to the center of my brain with its grinding, grading discord. And I love it! This track will be making its way into my yard haunt in some capacity in the very near future.

Frankenstein's Grave - Canton, Ohio

Earlier this week, Fox 8 Cleveland ran a story about an infamous grave site at the West Lawn Cemetery in Canton, Ohio. When I saw their promo for "Frankenstein's Grave", I immediately set the DVR to record.

Yesterday, I had a free minute and was able to see the story:

Yes, they definitely played up the fact that the people buried there had some ominous past simply based on the Frankenstein name and they incorrectly called the monster "Frankenstein" (we all know that Frankenstein was in fact the doctor who created life from dead tissue). They also played up the fact that the grave site could be haunted, simply based on the name. It was a bit of a stretch, I think, to make more of a story than it really was. Nonetheless, it was interesting to see the main tombstone with the name "Frankenstein" emblazoned across the front.

And while I was watching the segment, I quickly realized that I had actually been to the West Lawn Cemetery two years ago with my camera for a Cemetery Sundays blog segment. With the immense size of the cemetery and the sheer amount of beautiful and sometimes damaged stones throughout the grounds, I simply missed the Frankenstein stone all together. 

You can still see all of my West Lawn Cemetery photos here and here.

Author and Canton historian Kimberly A. Kenney, who is interviewed in the segment, has written a book entitled, Canton's West Lawn Cemetery (OH) (Images of America), which can be picked up through Amazon.

Weebles Haunted House - 1976 TV Commercial

"Weebles Wobble, But They Don't Fall Down!" Does anybody else remember Weebles, the old egg-shaped toys from the 70s? Here's an old TV commercial for their Haunted House playset with glow-in-the-dark ghost. Which unfortunately looks more like a common egg...

Autumn Of Communion -"Something We Can't Explain"