Frankenstein's Grave - Canton, Ohio

Earlier this week, Fox 8 Cleveland ran a story about an infamous grave site at the West Lawn Cemetery in Canton, Ohio. When I saw their promo for "Frankenstein's Grave", I immediately set the DVR to record.

Yesterday, I had a free minute and was able to see the story:

Yes, they definitely played up the fact that the people buried there had some ominous past simply based on the Frankenstein name and they incorrectly called the monster "Frankenstein" (we all know that Frankenstein was in fact the doctor who created life from dead tissue). They also played up the fact that the grave site could be haunted, simply based on the name. It was a bit of a stretch, I think, to make more of a story than it really was. Nonetheless, it was interesting to see the main tombstone with the name "Frankenstein" emblazoned across the front.

And while I was watching the segment, I quickly realized that I had actually been to the West Lawn Cemetery two years ago with my camera for a Cemetery Sundays blog segment. With the immense size of the cemetery and the sheer amount of beautiful and sometimes damaged stones throughout the grounds, I simply missed the Frankenstein stone all together. 

You can still see all of my West Lawn Cemetery photos here and here.

Author and Canton historian Kimberly A. Kenney, who is interviewed in the segment, has written a book entitled, Canton's West Lawn Cemetery (OH) (Images of America), which can be picked up through Amazon.


Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

That is just too cool. In my town, I actually found a tombstone with the name "Myers" carved on it.

"Damn kids! Why do they do it?"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that little piece. Very interesting!

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