2014 Halloween Haunt Calendar

So I finally ordered my copy of Hector Turner's 2014 Halloween Haunt Calendar. 12 months of terror, featuring over 110 haunt photos from the US, Canada and beyond.

This is the second year that I have submitted haunt photos from Highbury Cemetery, and I was rewarded for my efforts. Not only did my talking cemetery greeter photo land on the highly-coveted month of October...

...but I also scored a spot on the cover! Sweet! Thank you, Uruk-Hai!!

That's me on the bottom left. What a great surprise!!

This year's calendar is chock full of great photos from my fellow home haunters. It's great to see pics from friends as well as people I don't know. It's cool to see submissions from my fellow Ohioans, but the real delight is seeing the quality of work coming from Canada. They are really giving us Yanks a run for our money.

Pick up a copy of this cool calendar here, but hurry. You only have 11 months left...


The Fat Boys - Are You Ready For Freddy?

Totally raptastic theme song from 1988's A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Performed by the Fat Boys and Freddy Krueger...

Boris Karloff "Son of Frankenstein" Color Test

Boris Karloff shows off his humorous side in a color test reel for the 1939 film, Son of Frankenstein.

"Evil Dead" Soundtrack, 2013

Is it a remake or isn't it? Is it a continuation or isn't it? Is it a reimagining or isn't it?

With all of the back-and-forth generated by 2013's Evil Dead rema...err, reimagi...err, movie, I have yet to take the time to actually see it and decide for myself. Although it does have its place on a long list of films that I plan to see in the very near future.

And if Roque BaƱos' wonderfully creepy soundtrack is any indication, the movie will jump to the top of the list. I have had this soundtrack on constant rotation throughout the holiday season.

Plus, if you're a vinyl collector junkie like me, snatch up one of the few remaining 500 double-lp copies on splattered vinyl from Unseen Forces.