Ghost - Hunter's Moon

So technically, the annual October Countdown to Halloween starts tomorrow, but this one is WAY too good not to share now!

Ghost (a long time favorite of the Cemetery) and the Halloween film franchise (another long time favorite of the Cemetery) team up for a new track for the upcoming Halloween Kills.

It took 2 listens and I was hooked. Surely another Ghost classic and it gets me even more excited to see Halloween Kills on October 15.

Enjoy the new track and video, and we'll see you tomorrow for the official kick-off to the Countdown to Halloween!!


October Inspiration


Two weeks until October, and the Halloween bug is FINALLY starting to kick in.

Last week, I was going through photos of last year's haunt display and I came upon the shot above. It was shot by my neighbor, and until now was never published. I thought the image was too heavily edited and I ended up just keeping it on the side.

But as I look at it now, I realize that it's an incredible shot and it got me excited about this year's display and the Halloween season in general. 

I took this summer off from all things Halloween and it turned out to be very beneficial. With just over a month to go, I'm diving into a few new projects for this year's display, checking the opening dates for all the local haunted houses, and most importantly, getting excited for Halloween night.

I'll be back on October 1st to kick off another super fun Countdown To Halloween, and I already have a daily list overflowing with Halloween goodies!

44 days to go. I'm back. Let's do this!