My New Guilty Pleasure

I'm going to go ahead and turn in my Street Cred Card for this one. Wow, this is embarrassing, but I now have a new guilty pleasure. And I LOVE it.

Start with some nice double-bass thrash metal and then somehow mix in some bubblegum J-Pop. Wait, what?

I present my new guilty pleasure that has been on constant rotation since I heard it this morning. Ladies and gentlemen, the song that I CAN NOT get out of my head, I give you BABYMETAL:

Southern Tier - Warlock Imperial Pumpkin Stout

The pumpkin beers are reaching the local shelves, so it's time to stock up the Cemetery fridge and roll out the infamous "Drunken Jackos" rating system for 2014!

First up is Southern Tier's Warlock Imperial Pumpkin Stout.

This beer is no joke. It poured a thick, rich black with a nice brown head. And at 8.6% ABV, it gave just enough kick. This beer started with a really nice aroma of spicy pumpkin and nutmeg. It was almost reminiscent of their Pumking Ale. The real difference was in the taste. This beer had a rich, dry roasted malt flavor with a dash of coffee. There was a slight hint of pumpkin, but the standard stout malt was definitely the predominant flavor.

I really liked this beer and it only took one glass to get me feeling all toasty inside. I'm definitely going to pick up another bottle or two and save them for the colder days of fall. This one would be perfect for a chilly fall evening by a fire, and because of that, Southern Tier Warlock Imperial Pumpkin Stout gets 3.5 out of 5 Drunken Jackos!

Sinoia Caves - "Forever Dilating Eye"

From the incredible Beyond The Black Rainbow soundtrack:



We're getting closer. Today at Michael's...

Alice Cooper and Motley Crue

It's like I'm back in the 4th grade with a boom box and a circle of friends listening to our cassette tapes...

Tonight, I'm indulging in a little Alice Cooper opening up for Motley Crue. I've never seen either band live, but I'm really excited to see both stage shows - never mind the fact that all performers are over the age of 50! My inner 4th grader is pumped!!

Iconic Slashers Animated Into “Scooby-Doo” Villains

From Bloody Disgusting:

What if horror's greatest villains were in former episodes of “Scooby-Doo”?

That question has been realized allegedly by artist ‘TB Real’ (via Tumblr), who saw his Captain Spaulding art shared by Rob Zombie on his official Facebook page.

This spawned a series of responses sharing other pieces of art that put “Scooby-Doo” face-to-face with Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Ghostface, among many others. My personal favorite thing about the art is the creator’s animation touch – just look at Pamela Voorhees’ head drawn as if it were a hand-painted background that the animation cel would be placed over. This is super cool stuff.

What if Shaggy’s soul was swallowed? That’s the kind of world I want to live in…

See more hilarious photos here.


A Happy Accident

I was in the basement working on my first cast foam skull (it WILL take longer than 3 days to fully dry!) and I pulled the mold, only to find that parts of the face hadn't dried. There was a bit of liquified foam still in the face section of the mold that I let sit for a few more days. When I went to clean the mold, I discovered that the remnants had hardened into this:

A perfect little skull face fragment that now resides on my shelf. Awesome! Once I have the foam skull completed, I'll post up the photos and how-to. It's simple, cheap and fun!


Costco Skeletons

The new hot commodity among home haunters? 60-inch Pose-N-Stay Skeletons from Costco!

This season's batch is starting to make its way to Costcos across the country and if you're in the market for one (or more as I've seen people buying them 10 at a time), I highly suggest you get to your local store and get one quick because they are flying off the shelves. They go for around $40 each, but are of good quality and realism.

A big thank you to ActionJax for the "friend-of-a-friend" Costco member hookup. I scored three and I'm already planning their roles in this year's cemetery yard haunt.

Octoberfest Hits The Shelves

I went to the local grocery store to pick up some beer for tonight's prop building session and I was greeted by a nice surprise. The first batch of Sam Adams Octoberfest had just been put out on display! Sorry Fat Tire, but I couldn't pass up the first six pack of the season. Because we all know that as soon as the Octoberfest hits the shelves, the myriad of new pumpkin ales aren't far behind!