Highbury Cemetery Graphic Series No. 1

I had a spurt of creative energy today, so I decided to sit down and make something. I put my Halloween soundtrack on the turntable, sat down at my computer and threw this together:


A fun little Photoshop graphic with no real specific purpose, it's a quick collage of a Highbury Cemetery prop image, coupled with various grunge clip art pieces and the Highbury Cemetery text "logo." I just spontaneously threw the elements together, making a few adjustments here and there, and then called it done. 

This was a great brain exercise for me today, just letting the creativity flow. I have a few more ideas and color palettes floating around in my head and hope to sit down and knock a few more of these fun graphics out soon. This new series will serve as a nice change of pace from the usual process of Halloween prop creation, and should ultimately help in the conceptualization of the larger projects planned for this October.


Kammarheit - "I Found It Weeping In The Field"

Another Saturday night, spinning some dark ambient and working on some "Halloween stuff." I always gravitate back to Sweden's Kammarheit, as there is a subtle beauty to the rich, layered tracks he produces, always giving me an oddly warm feeling of a cold, dark autumn night. His latest release, Kollektionen, is a collection of tracks from various compilations, his split LP with Phelios, and a live bonus track. Like his other releases, this one has been on constant rotation, with the standout track being, "I Found It Weeping In The Field". So many of his releases could be used so effectively in a haunt setting...

Pick it up here.

Stranger Things Season 2 Super Bowl Ad

I didn't watch any of the Super Bowl, but I knew that there would be a teaser for Stranger Things Season 2 during one of the commercial breaks. Just bummed that we have to wait until Halloween for the start of it... But Dustin in a Ghostbusters costume is pretty rad!

And now we wait.

Haunters Hangout Season 5 Starts Next Week

Mark your calendars, fellow haunters! The new season of everyone's favorite haunt related YouTube show, Haunters Hangout, returns next Thursday! Check out the two hour live show every Thursday night at 9:00 pm. It's always a blast, complete with informative home and pro haunter interviews, realtime chat, loads of prizes and other random madness and mischief. See you there!