Highbury Cemetery Graphic Series No. 1

I had a spurt of creative energy today, so I decided to sit down and make something. I put my Halloween soundtrack on the turntable, sat down at my computer and threw this together:


A fun little Photoshop graphic with no real specific purpose, it's a quick collage of a Highbury Cemetery prop image, coupled with various grunge clip art pieces and the Highbury Cemetery text "logo." I just spontaneously threw the elements together, making a few adjustments here and there, and then called it done. 

This was a great brain exercise for me today, just letting the creativity flow. I have a few more ideas and color palettes floating around in my head and hope to sit down and knock a few more of these fun graphics out soon. This new series will serve as a nice change of pace from the usual process of Halloween prop creation, and should ultimately help in the conceptualization of the larger projects planned for this October.



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