LV-426: Happy Alien Day!

Day on Acheron (formerly known as LV-426) was dim twilight, night was darker than the farthest reaches of interstellar space, because not even stars shone through its dense atmosphere to soften the barren surface with twinkling light.

"The Bride of Frankenstein" With The Cleveland Orchestra

If you're in the Cleveland area tomorrow (Tuesday, April 26) with nothing to do, why not check out this incredible show!

From The Cleveland Orchestra:
She's alive!!! The 1935 classic horror film with legendary film composer Franz Waxman's evocative score played live by The Cleveland Orchestra. Frankenstein (Colin Clive) and Dr. Pretorius go back into their laboratory, exhume more bodies, and convert a female corpse (Elsa Lanchester) into a bride for the Monster (Boris Karloff).

Purchase tickets here

Horror Section - "They're Coming"

I just came across this really cool video from Horror Section, with its great throwback sound. It really takes me back to that awesome early 90s pop punk sound, just before everything went way too "bubblegum."

And you can never go wrong with the Halloween III: Season of the Witch clips. Great stuff all around. Get up and dance!!!

LED Flicker Candles From The Realm Of Fear

A HUGE, HUGE thank you goes out to Steven Stockinger from The Realm of Fear on his custom LED flicker candles! I was the lucky winner of these candles as chosen on Haunters Hangout season 4, episode 9 (in which Steven was a guest). I actually received them last week, but I had to pick up a correct power adapter and then give them a proper photoshoot setup. These things are going to look great in this year's haunt addition!!

Thanks again, Steven!!


Carlo Maria Cordio - "Rosso Sangue (Absurd)"

I finally had the chance to see Absurd, a lesser-known early 80s Italian slasher, directed by the infamous Joe D'Amato. Great gore, an amazing 6-foot-9 villain and an end scene that is well worth the time to watch. Add to this an incredible score by Carlo Maria Cordio (pretty much this one amazing song used over and over), and you have a cult classic Video Nasty must-see!

Be sure to also check out the recent soundtrack re-release, in what is perhaps the greatest record cover ever created by Wes Benscoter, for Mondo. This too, will be making its way into my collection in short order!


Stained Glass Window Project - Part 1

So after a few weeks (months) of layout work, I can finally reveal the first part of my big 2016 haunt project - a full walk-in crypt built into my front porch. After a successful 2015, I quickly realized that the front porch was the weak spot in my display, so I sat and planned out a detailed, cohesive theme that would be the new crown jewel in my cemetery display. I needed something big for the porch, as this is where the trick-or-treaters would come up and get their candy. The horrifying climax to the display.

The first thing I knew I wanted to have in the crypt was an ornate stained glass window that would serve as the main focal point. I'm still working out the print and construction details, but after many weeks of work, the art is finally done...

The final window will be roughly 18" x 44" and will be the first thing you see as you come up onto the porch. It will be backlit and centered on a blank stone wall (made of foam). I hope to make some sort of small altar that will be flanked by clusters of LED PVC candles around it.

The window art itself was done entirely in Adobe Illustrator (much more work than I had anticipated). My initial plan is to get the art printed out on frosted vellum or very thin white plexiglass or plastic sheet stock and then housed in a foam window frame. Part 2 of this project will highlight the printing process that I will ultimately choose, as well as creating a rigid foam window frame. Now to figure out how I'm going to do it!


Svartsinn - "Of Darkness and Re-Creation"

I'm setting up a new computer system here at the Cemetery Head Office today, so I've got some great dark ambient playing. Svartsinn's 2010 release, "Of Darkness and Re-Creation."

John Carpenter's "Distant Dream" Live Studio Video

I was a bit surprised to see a guitar, but I REALLY like this new track as well as the video. From the soon-to-be-released, Lost Themes II. It looks like a great follow up to Carpenter's first studio record, Lost Themes.