The Coupe De Villes - Waiting Out The Eighties

From the "Unbelievably Incredibly Rare, But Absolutely Must Have In Your Collection" pile comes this amazing, super-limited record from 1985. Never commercially released, it was estimated to have around 50 copies made and then given out to friends and family only.

Buy you say, "Who the heck are the Coupe De Villes? I've never heard of them?" You aren't alone...

The Coupe De Villes were a project/party band with an incredible lineup: legendary horror director John Carpenter on synth, Nick Castle (famous actor who played "The Shape" in the original Halloween), on vocals, and Tommy Lee Wallace (director of Halloween III: Season of the Witch, voice on the infamous "Silver Shamrock" commercial AND creator of the original Michael Myers mask) on guitar. And all of this greatness was produced by horror synth master, Alan Howarth.

While this obscure record was only put out in small numbers for friends, the Coup De Villes are well-known for their title track (and amazing video) to Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China.

The songs on Waiting Out The Eighties haven't aged well, but they are a perfect slice of mid-80s synth-pop history. And with questionable song titles including "Manhole," "Hard On Me," and "On My Knees Again," you really can't go wrong. This one is a must-have for hardcore Carpenter fans only, but be prepared to shell out some cash for it. It's very rare and when it does come up, it fetches a premium.

Luckily, you can hear all the tracks over at TGRT91's YouTube channel. And if you REALLY like what you hear, you can go check out the A Viable Commercial blog to grab the tracks. And if you REALLY REALLY need an actual copy of this record, I can only say, "Get in line..."

The 2015 Home Haunter DVD Collection

 The 2015 Home Haunter DVD Collection is now available! A 5-disc collection featuring a huge amount of new as well as well-known home haunts (including Highbury Cemetery!), yard displays and party haunts from across the U.S. and Canada.

Thanks, as always, goes to the Davis Graveyard for putting this annual collection together. Pick up the entire set here!


Hymnambulae - "Orgelhuset (The Organ House)"

Hymnambulae is a new project released today by dark ambient artist Par Bostrom (Kammarheit) and his sister on their new label, Hypnagoga Press. Orgelhuset is available on their Bandcamp page today. More great, dark atmospheric, hauntingly melodic audio.

Karen Jerzyk Photography

Karen was featured on this week's episode of Haunters Hangout (which can be viewed here). Fantastic conceptual photos that seem to find organic beauty within modern industrial decay. Highly recommended viewing.      

From her site:
I strive to produce photos that tell a story- that connect with the viewer on a personal level. I like to find locations that were abandoned before any sort of technological age, typically locations with relics left in them from 1980 and earlier (the older, the better). My photos are meant to be read like a book, and looked at and thought about often. There is no "right answer" to the ultimate meaning of any one of my photos, as each viewer can read the scene differently. My goal is for my photos to evoke thought and emotion.

All photos © Karen Jerzyk Photography

Dead With Dave Home Haunters Awards

Don't forget that the 2015 Dead With Dave Home Haunters Awards are tonight at 8:00 pm! 

The DwD Home Haunters Awards is an Awards Show for Home Haunters with a passion for something more then the ordinary. Its a way to extend our Halloween season a little longer into the year and a way to bring Home Haunters together.

Watch the full awards show tonight over at Pandemic Haunt Production.