Asath Reon - "Underworld Narrations"

The baleful place, unknown to men,
Where Silence screams from the Roots above.
Only Mist can see the approaching Void
Of seared Trees and burnt Soil.

Death and Life mean nothing more,
Just the Return of one forsaken Soul.

Disturbed and faceless Visions hold
The Bearer of Light who lost the Torch,
And became the Ark of the fallen World.

ABSOLUTELY fantastic ritual dark ambient from Russian artist Asath Reon. So much atmospheric darkness in each track... I just stumbled upon this artist recently, but Underworld Narrations has been on a constant rotation here at the Cemetery.

I have already decided that the track Three Times Burned and Three Times Born will be the soundtrack to this year's Halloween display. It will be the PERFECT creepy supporting soundscape to give my display that extra punch. Completely haunting and horrifying, but unbelievably atmospheric and flowing.

Do yourself a favor and check out the works of Asath Reon. Enjoy!!

HauntedWeb Monster - Best Scares of the 2021 Season

So at this point, I think I'm just going to turn this blog over to Brent at Planet Doom Haunt because he just keeps finding absolute gold.

Case in point is this gem that he just sent my way. I have watched this video repeatedly, and it literally gets funnier every time I watch it.

It's a "best scares" compilation from HauntedWeb Monster from the HauntedWeb Haunted Attraction in Memphis, Tennessee. And it features Monster's hilariously effective haunt character absolutely terrifying patrons. So simple, so effective, so gross...

"B*tch, I lost my shoe!!" Enjoy!!


Hangin' Out At Closed Casket Studios

I'm always reminded of how cool it really is to live in Ohio in regards to all things Halloween. A rich history of famous haunted attractions and a top-notch group of prop builders that all call this area home.

But having one right in your own back yard (okay, technically we now live 20 minutes apart since we both moved to new locations, but still!) is definitely one of the coolest!

This year, as things continue to get back to somewhat normal, I again got the chance to go hang out with good friend of the Cemetery, Dave Shonk at Closed Casket Studios, where we got to kick back with some special pumpkin beverages, talk about all things Halloween, and most importantly get a special sneak peek at all the new prop heads and masks to be unveiled at this year's Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show!

And now that the show is officially underway, I can show off his absolutely killer work. Thanks, Dave, for letting me come hang out and get some much-needed Halloween energy from your cool shop!

And if you happen to be in the St. Louis area, do yourself a favor and go hit Dave's booth to check out his incredible work. Closed Casket Studios is at Transworld booth #407.

(And thanks for the swag! You KNOW I'm a sucker for old Haunted Schoolhouse & Laboratory memorabilia!!)

Latex Masks From LMB Masks & Collectibles

Cemetery friend Brent from Planet Doom Haunted House sent me this link and it's too good not to share.

I had never heard of LMB Masks & Collectibles out of Los Angeles before, but one look at their Etsy page made me want to check them out further. Incredible sculpts and intricate paint details across their entire line of latex masks. Wow! I could easily see a couple of them making their way into my small collection.



Atrium Carceri & Kammarheit - "Subpulse"

A new collaboration between Atrium Carceri and Kammarheit, two of my absolute favorite dark ambient artists? SAY. NO. MORE.

Colossus, their new collaborative release on the Cryo Chamber label, is a straight masterpiece all the way through. So much rich, atmospheric ambience in each track. Enjoy!

Halloween Atmospheres: Volume IV

Who's ready for a quick jolt of pure October?? I absolutely love Witching Season Films'  Halloween Season series, and their brand new chapter is their best yet. You can sit back, press play, and instantly be transported directly into the middle of the Halloween season no mater where (or when) you are. So very good for the haunter soul!

Halloween Atmospheres: Volume 4 is the fourth part of our "Halloween Atmospheres" series. It is a compilation of spooky atmospheric visuals and music designed to set the perfect Halloween atmosphere 365 days a year. It is the ideal companion for Halloween parties, carving pumpkins, or just whenever you need a Halloween pick-me-up.

And eagle-eyed viewers should find the opening shots somewhat familiar, as it is a shot-for-shot homage to the opening sequence of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers! Someone went through ALOT of work to create this one and the end product is so, so good!