Asath Reon - "Underworld Narrations"

The baleful place, unknown to men,
Where Silence screams from the Roots above.
Only Mist can see the approaching Void
Of seared Trees and burnt Soil.

Death and Life mean nothing more,
Just the Return of one forsaken Soul.

Disturbed and faceless Visions hold
The Bearer of Light who lost the Torch,
And became the Ark of the fallen World.

ABSOLUTELY fantastic ritual dark ambient from Russian artist Asath Reon. So much atmospheric darkness in each track... I just stumbled upon this artist recently, but Underworld Narrations has been on a constant rotation here at the Cemetery.

I have already decided that the track Three Times Burned and Three Times Born will be the soundtrack to this year's Halloween display. It will be the PERFECT creepy supporting soundscape to give my display that extra punch. Completely haunting and horrifying, but unbelievably atmospheric and flowing.

Do yourself a favor and check out the works of Asath Reon. Enjoy!!


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