Halloween Atmospheres: Volume IV

Who's ready for a quick jolt of pure October?? I absolutely love Witching Season Films'  Halloween Season series, and their brand new chapter is their best yet. You can sit back, press play, and instantly be transported directly into the middle of the Halloween season no mater where (or when) you are. So very good for the haunter soul!

Halloween Atmospheres: Volume 4 is the fourth part of our "Halloween Atmospheres" series. It is a compilation of spooky atmospheric visuals and music designed to set the perfect Halloween atmosphere 365 days a year. It is the ideal companion for Halloween parties, carving pumpkins, or just whenever you need a Halloween pick-me-up.

And eagle-eyed viewers should find the opening shots somewhat familiar, as it is a shot-for-shot homage to the opening sequence of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers! Someone went through ALOT of work to create this one and the end product is so, so good!




The October boy said...

thanks- that IS the best!

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